Litchi Faye Ling

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    Litchi is a doctor who runs a health clinic in Kagutsuchi while she searches for a way to revert Arakune to his formal self. She uses her Matenbou to beat down her opponents.

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    Litchi Faye Ling is a somewhat renowned doctor who lives and works in Orient Town in the city of Kagutsuchi, operating a health clinic with her assistant Linhua for the poorer residents of the city.

    Calamity Trigger

    The story hints that Litchi was a scientist involved with the scientific group Sector Seven in some sort of experiment, and that Tager and Kokonoe were her co-workers. However, after a horrible accident, one of her scientist friends turned into the mysterious being known as Arakune. Litchi had a falling out with Sector Seven and went out to find Arakune and continues her quest to restore him to the person he once was, even if it means sacrificing her own life. At some point, she also found a tiny panda hairpiece at the Boundary that she calls Lao Jiu, which acts as an amplifier of the magical force known as seithr and lets her remotely control a large staff (Matenbou).

    Litchi has connections to several different cast members in BlazBlue. She is affectionately referred to as "boobie lady" by Taokaka, and seems to have good relations with the cat-people of the Kaka clan, often going down below to check on them and speak with their elder. She is also the object of Bang Shishigami's affection, but she doesn't seem to return those feelings. In the story, Litchi finds herself dragged into the hunt for Ragna the Bloodedge partly out of fear that he could bring harm to Kagutsuchi, and partly because she wants his help to find Arakune. In a fourth-wall-breaking sense, Litchi is also the host of "Tell Me, Dr. Litchi!" (or "Teach Me, Miss Litchi!" as the characters say before each episode). In this unlockable mini-series, Litchi starts off being asked to teach Taokaka to become a vigilante in a note from the Kaka village elder, who also tells her that Taokaka is incredibly stupid and thus needs some help. As the series goes on, she teaches and learns from several members of the cast about the various elements of the story that are briefly mentioned or unexplained in the arcade and story modes.

    Continuum Shift

    In the story of Continuum Shift, Litchi continues searching for a way to change Arakune back to normal. However, she now tries to find Kokonoe, as Litchi now believes that she needs her help to find a solution. However, Kokonoe is not quite willing to give any help, as not only has Litchi gone AWOL from Sector Seven, but both she and Tager don't think that Arakune can be helped. In the arcade mode's story, when Litchi does manage to find Arakune, he regains enough sanity for a brief moment to tell her to stay away from him before fighting her.
    In the story mode, Hazama strikes a deal with Litchi, offering her a chance to pool her knowledge with the Library and save Arakune if she aligns herself with the NOL. After the end of the True Ending, Litchi apparently accepted his offer, as she is seen defending the Imperator along with Tsubaki.
    Just like the previous title, there are new episodes of "Teach Me, Miss Litchi!" to be found within the story mode menu, along with recaps of the same episodes from Calamity Trigger.


    From a game standpoint, Litchi is a pretty versatile character whose Drive is the large Matenbou staff she carries. She can fling it at enemies, call it back to hit them from behind, set up combos or even briefly transform it into a faceless, bipedal monster that ransacks the enemy with her special attack.

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