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    Little Britain: The Video Game

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Feb 02, 2007

    Little Britain: The Video Game is a compilation of minigames based on the BBC sketch comedy series of the same name.

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    Little Britain: The Video Game is a collection of minigames developed by Revolution Software and published by Blast Entertainment for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable in 2007.

    The game is based on the British sketch comedy show of the same name. The show itself was known for making fun of common stereotypes of the United Kingdom through comedy sketches, which often had gags that were repeated in future episodes of the series.


    Little Britain is a compilation of minigames utilizing several moments from the series. There are a total of eight minigames, although only seven appear in the PS2 version. Each minigame is unlocked after reaching a certain number of points in other minigames and take influence from a variety of minigames. When a minigame is unlocked, the players recieves a segment from the show which can be viewed. The minigames are titled as the settings in which they take place:

    Darkley Noone

    In this minigame, players take the role of Vicky Pollard. The goal is to rollerskate around a park, performing tricks and collecting CDs. When the player collects enough CDs, it will increase the performance meter in the corner of the screen - which is used to perform tricks and gain more points.


    This minigame revolves around Lou & Andy. Lou is Andy's caregiver due to a 'disability' which forces him in a wheelchair, however Andy doesn't actually need use of a wheelchair and secretly gets out to provide for himself when Andy refuses to assist.

    Due to Andy's supposed disability which prevents him from being left alone in a swimming pool, Lou consults the pool supervisor while Andy (who is controlled by the player) must quickly perform tricks and stunts off the swimming pool's board under a time limit. If Andy runs out of time or manages to grab onto the scaffolding supporting the swimming pool's roof, the minigame will reset.


    The third minigame features Marjorie Dawes, leader of a group for the clinically obese called FatFighters. Marjorie is known for being patronizing, hyprocritical and insulting to members of the FatFighters group.

    Taking place in a supermarket, the player controls Marjorie who is tasked with collecting all biscuits on the map whilst being chased by members of FatFighters. When Marjorie collects a cake, she can run into FatFighters members and taunt them, which causes them to run away. The gameplay is almost identical to Pac-Man.


    This minigame focuses on Letty Bell, an elderly woman who loves collecting a variety of frog-themed ornaments and memorabilia. Despite her love for amphibian-related objects, she hates real frogs and resorts to killing them when confronted by one.

    After frogs infest her living room, you take control of Letty who can use her rolling pin to squash frogs for points. The minigame is similar to Whack-A-Mole.

    Old Haven

    The focus of this minigame is Emily 'Eddie' Howard, an unconvincing transvestite who wears a Victorian dress and speaks in a high-pitched tone.

    Although trying to convince the people around her that she is lady, Emily must score at least three goals at a football / soccer match before the time runs out.


    This minigame follows Maggie Blackamoor, an elderly woman who is frequently seen eating alongside her friend Judy Pike. However, when she finds out who made her food (usually a racial minority), Maggie proceeds to vomit towards that person or in her own food, which Judy herself throwns upon.

    The objective is to match 3 foods of the same type to fill up the vomit bar. When the bar is full, the player controls Maggie whose vomit must land on the surrounding people for extra points.

    Llandewi Breffi

    The final minigame focuses on Dafydd Thomas, a Welsh homosexual who verbally and physically abuses other homosexuals to be deemed 'the only gay in the village'.

    The goal is to score as many points by running down and injuring homosexuals on a bicycle and by collecting magazines on the street.


    Little Britain: The Video Game was widely panned by critics and audiences for its lackluster content and poor graphics. The game has become notorious for its negative reception, in correlation with the show's dwindling performance.


    • The main characters of the game are portrayed by David Walliams and Matt Lucas, who both wrote and performed in the TV series.
    • The game was released almost exclusively in Europe, due to the fact that the show was more famous in (and around) the UK.
    • The game's narrator, Tom Baker, also portrayed the fourth doctor in the BBC science-fiction series Doctor Who. He is also the voice featured in the introduction of the TV series.

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