Steam or Wii U version?

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So I'll admit that I was kind of watching to see if Little Inferno would get a discount during the Autumn Steam Sale, but I'm not too shocked that it didn't since it JUST came out. So I ask if anybody would suggest getting the Steam version or the Wii U version? I kind of would like to be able to play it from the couch since Big Picture mode has really spoiled me. This really looks like a "sit back on the couch & mess around with things" toy app and sitting at the PC w/ a mouse just wouldn't feel the same.

On the other hand, getting the Wii U had me attempt to fix my dead launch Wii ($75 service fee from Nintendo isn't worth it for about $40 worth of VC downloads on it). But I just put in a replacement BlueTooth module and its still dead is just making me sour on how Nintendo's downloadables are locked to the hardware.

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@WulfBane: Bought it today on the Wii U. It's a little on the expensive side with 15 EUR (and I guess $15) but it was already worth it to me. I've been playing on the GamePad only so far and I even turned off the TV (you could also play with a Wii Remote if you want). Trying to figure out all the combos is super fun and just messing around with the fire via touch is wonderful. I highly recommend this version.

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@WulfBane: I would say Wii U, the PC version may seem like the better choice, but I would feel better about supporting the Wii U. There is also hardly anything else to play on the system, so why take one of the best games available for it out of the equation. Also I agree with Def, it's a good game to play on the gamepad.

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the wii u version because of the touch screen.

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I would say that the Wii U version probably has the better experience!

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