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    Little Jacob

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    Little Jacob is a character in Grand Theft Auto IV. He is a pot smoking, gun toting, Jamaican arms dealer, well known for his distinctive and highly illegible dialogue.

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    Ever wonder what Little Jacob is doing when he's not calling you up asking to go bowling?
    Ever wonder what Little Jacob is doing when he's not calling you up asking to go bowling?

    Little Jacob is a Jamaican arms dealer who befriends Niko Bellic soon after his arrival in Liberty City. He becomes one of Niko's true friends, helping him many times during the course of the game. Little Jacob lives with his associate and friend, Badman, a pot dealer. 


    Little Jacob is first introduced to Niko through Niko's cousin, Roman. He is one of Roman's regular cab service customers. After Niko does some work for Little Jacob, their friendship is cemented and he is involved throughout the game from that point onwards, backing Niko up during missions and giving him delivery jobs to do for cash.  In one particular mission, Little Jacob showcases his proficiency with the rocket launcher.  He becomes a true friend of Niko through the course of the game, allowing Niko to buy weapons from him at cut prices.


    • Little Jacob is voiced by Coolie Ranx, a member of the band Pilfers. He was also with the Ska band The Toasters.
    • Once the player has reached a high enough relationship status with Little Jacob, you can buy weapons and body armor at discount prices directly from him (with the exception of the Rocket Launcher and Combat Pistol).
    • He is 26 years old.
    • He drives a black and red Virgo.
    • Little Jacob is well known for his dialogue. He speaks in Iyaric which for most people is incredibly hard to understand even with subtitles


    • Concrete Jungle
    • Shadow
    • A Revenger's Tragedy (Optional)
    • Out of Commission (Optional)

    Other Mission Appearances

    • Jamaican Heat
    • Russian Revolution
    • The Snow Storm
    • Paper Trail
    • Mr and Mrs Bellic 

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