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Little King's Story is surprisingly deep with addicting gameplay.

 Little King's Story is not just one of the best Wii games I've played, it's one of the best current gen games I've played aswell. I loved exploring the world, collecting loot, fighting monsters. The music was awesome, the visuals were great. Expanding the Kingdom felt great. The humor cracked me up.

There was just so much to love about Little King's Story. I wasn't disappointed with anything about it.

Little King's Story just reminded me of all the best parts of Pikmin, Zelda, Diablo and Dragon Quest. If you like any of those games, then do yourself a favor and pick this game up.

I haven't been this excited about a game since Opoona.

----------Battle System----------
Little King's Story is a weird game to explain. It's a strategy game? It's a sim? It's an RPG? Yes, it's all of those. It's a strategy game because you have to manage your units. Send the correct units in battle. Compared to Pikmin's 3 types of units and Overlord's 4 types of units, this game clearly outmatches them with up to 20 different types of units at a time. You can scroll through the mulitple units with the down button. Specific units can kill specific enemies faster than others. You need specific units to clear roadblocks and other obstacles too. So the strategy is there.

It's a sim because you control the build of your kingdom. Although technically, you don't get much say so in how it lays out, but it's there. You're rated by your citizens how well you do.

It's an RPG because you grow your citizens over time. You boost their HP, you equip them new weapons. You also loot grind. Each time you kill an enemy, it drops loot. You then sell this loot to further grow your kingdom. The world is open ended, and you can take on sidequests at your lesure. From the begining of the game to the end of the game, you get a true sense of growth, more so than you would any most RPGs.

Little King's Story is a much deeper experience than I ever expected too. You're constantly unlocking new items, new units, new areas and collecting new collectables. It's a constant feed that had me hooked from start to finish.

----------Characters / Story----------
You play as the king, a lonely kid just playing with puppets. When he gets interruped by rats, he chases them out of the house and finds a crown in his backyard. This takes him to the world of Alpoko. You are guided by your trusty Bull Knight, and servents to take over the world.

Little King's Story is a very very weird game. I love the quirkiness of it all. I love the cutness of it all too. However, this game is about world domination and destorying peaceful nations for personal gain. There are also a ton of screwed up things in the game. Like how you marry a new Queen each time you defeat a boss. So yeah, you're also a polygamist.

Either way, the weird story gives the game the charm I was wanting. I loved just about everything about it.

There's nothing about Little King's Story that's going to blow you away on a technical level, but on an artistic one, you're going to love it. Every piece of land, every character, every boss fight, every enemy is well crafted. I love how much personality each area has. Each area changes with time aswell.

My favorite part of the game are the cutscenes. They look like paintbrushed cartoons, but I think they just use a filter effect. It just looks really really good.

The only thing I can say negative about the game is the framerate drops once you get more citizens in your party, but it's not enough to stop you enjoying the game. It just moves slightly slower. Nothing skips or anything.

There's also this weird blur effect on everything. It looks like they put vasoline on the lens. I think it was intentional though, because the blur effect was completely gone during one boss fight. I actually liked the blur effect, but I can see why people wouldn't.

The music is weird because it's a mix of original tunes and stock music. The stock music are classic songs you would be familiar. Mostly classical songs. So they fit the game pretty well, but it was just a shock to me that they were in there. The original music is very good too.

The voice acting is weird. While the intro movie has voice clips, the rest of the game use those chirping voices that Animal Crossing or Okami did. I think it fits the game though, especially once you meet some of the crazier boss battles.

----------World Map----------
The world map is very open ended, much like an early Zelda game. The game starts off linear, but you're still given 100% freedom to do whatever you want within a bubble. However, that bubble is small. The more stuff you gain, and more enemies you clear, the bigger your bubble will get, and the more area you'll be able to walk through.

I love games like this. Clearing each area is very rewarding. Finding that new item, beating that new boss or getting that new citizen to advance through the world is also extremely rewarding too.

----------Time to Complete Game----------

That doesn't include the time it took me to get to the final boss and fight it. There was still a ton of side stuff I could have done too. Little King's Story is a very meaty game when it comes down to it.

The ending was fantastic, between the build up, intense boss fight and cool ending. It was one of the best endings I can think of in recent memories.

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