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akonnick March 02, 2010
After about 3-4 hours, this game's flaws got the best of me. While there is some charm here, the braindead pathfinding of your party members, usually spotty Wii controls, and repetitive gameplay just don't add up to a fun game. While many would have you believe that the game is very open-ended, you are never deviating from what the developer wants you to do at that very moment. I spent half of my play time grinding towards the next unlock/class only to discover that all I really unlocked was another class that allowed me to backtrack and grind some more. I heard great things about this game, but I can honestly say I have no idea what people liked about this game. I would only recommend this to people who absolutely loved Pikmin and FF: My Life as a King and can tolerate all of the flaws I listed. I am more than happy to ship this game to someone else who may enjoy it more than me.

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