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Little Lamplight is a town for all the children of the post-apocalypse, which is run and populated exclusively by children. Little Lamplight is located on the eastern side of Washington D.C. and it is hidden in a cave underground protected by two large gates. The people of Lamplight refer to non-children as Mungos, and they are not allowed to live in their city. However, with a little persuasion they might let a mungo or two to pass through every once in a while. 
Traditionally, when the children of Little Lamplight reach age 16, they leave the town (willingly or not) and head to Big Town to continue their adult lives. Lamplight's residents believe Big Town to be a luxurious, plentiful city. 
Little Lamplight itself was originally called Lamplight Caverns. One day, students from the Early Dawn Elementary School went on a field trip to the caverns. While inside, the entire place started to shake. One adult went outside to see what was happening, and returned with news that Washington DC was covered in mushroom clouds from nuclear bombs.


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