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Littlebigplanet will put a big goofy smile on your face.

I have to say, I haven't had this much fun with a game in a while. But what makes this game, let alone a PSP game so fun? Well it's simple, charm. In fact this game may be the most charming and happy game since Locoroco. And it features the ever so gleeful Sackboy with his big toothless smile and endless optimism. But  it's not just sackboy that makes this game charming, from the big colorful levels and big cardboard characters, all with unique personalities and problems. But enough about the look and charm, how is the gameplay? well that is also one of the reasons I enjoyed this game so much. While it isn't as complex or precise as say a mario game, it does feature some very clever level designs that show just how creative a platform game can be. And to my surprise, the PSP manages to have a great control scheme, something you don't see very often on the system. My only complaint would have to be length, the game took me from start to finish somewhere in the 6-8 hour region and while it is a handheld game, I still wish there was more developer created content. However, there is a large amount of User created stuff you can check out, all of this content is free and while some can be hit or miss I found that when I enjoyed a User level I REALLY enjoyed it. 
You can also create your own levels if you're willing to get past the learning curve and then if you choose to do so, you can then post those levels so other people can enjoy. I encourage everyone to atleast try the level creator, so we can keep the community strong and keep content flowing. 
OVERALL: This is one of the best PSP games I've played in a while and it is also one of the most charming games ever created. So if your willing to put down your FPS for just the afternoon and don't mind an easy care free gaming experience, you will greatly enjoy Littlebigplanet. 
Gameplay 9/10 
Graphics 10/10 
Sound 10/10 
Value 9/10

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