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    Lloyd Irving

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    Lloyd Irving is the main protagonist of Tales of Symphonia. After being exiled from his village, he joins his friends on a lengthy journey to regenerate the world.

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    Lloyd is an orphan and was adopted and raised by a dwarf, Dirk. He follows Colette as one of her protectors on her journey of regeneration. Lloyd is a not the smartest out there but he is always serious about helping and protecting his friends. Lloyd wields two swords and possess no magic. He's one of the the characters with the strongest will power in the game. Lloyd is an idealist that holds the belief that no one should have to die to save others. He has an exsphere that was carried by his mother, Anna who died when he was young.

    In the sequel, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, Lloyd has supposedly turned evil. The protagonist of that game, Emil, claims that Lloyd killed his parents.

    Weapons and Skills

    Lloyd's main weapon is his dual wields swords that come in a variety of shapes and sizes; some being named off of even Masume. Later on in the game Lloyld receives two swords which commonly represents two elements, Fire and Water, these two swords were given to him by his foster father Dirk. Lloyd's skills are all sword based having only a bit of a magical faction to his attacks but more so he uses his swords to do most of his special combos.

    The most notable of these skills is that they can be used together after normal slashes then using two or three skills to finish off the string, One of the best of these combo's would be Sword Rain-Tiger Fang-Hunting Beast, also if a fire element (The sword doesn't count) is put to his swords his Rising Falcon then turns into Rising Phoenix turning it into a fire-based attack with more damage and AoE, most of these attacks could only be performed with the help of his exsphere which was made from the body of his mother, some believe that his exsphere was evolving toward the end of the game where it finally made him gain angel wings.


    Lloyd's most notable relationship is with Colette Brunel. Lloyd has always been a great friend with Colette. He saved her from getting taken over from some dead girl's soul-- that's pretty thoughtful from a friend if you ask me-- Lloyd is the protector of Colette and he goes where she goes, even after she loses her sense of touch, smell, and as well as becoming a handicap (She became mute) they were still able to connect to each other by Colette writing down letters in his hand, and after all of that they still couldn't even kiss. His other big relationship is with is biological father Kratos Aurion. After discovering that Kratos is his real father, Lloyd could never forgive him for what he has done, but he believes that Kratos has become truthful to himself and will know that he decides to do the right thing even after Kratos tries to end his life.

    Cameo Appearances

    Lloyd has made some cameo appearances in other Namco games including Soul Calibur Legends for the Wii. He has also appeared in other Tales games.


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