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    Lock On: Modern Air Combat

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Nov 20, 2003

    Lock On is a realistic combat flight simulator set in the Black Sea Region featuring many late cold war era NATO and Eastern Bloc military aircraft. Flyable aircraft include; A-10, F-15, MiG-29, Su-27, Su-25 and Su-33.

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    Released in November of 2003, Lock On: Modern Air Combat is a jet combat simulator that features highly detailed aircraft, physics, and cockpits. While some jet combat games have catered to more casual tastes, Lock On recreates every detail of each of the eight flyable aircraft. Playing as a nameless, faceless pilot, the player can fly for four different nations. The game includes 20 missions, and a mission editor.


        While only eight aircraft are flyable, over 30 AI controlled planes are featured. Flyable aircraft include:
    • MiG-29A
    • MiG-29S
    • Su-27
    • Su-33
    • Su-25
    • MiG-29G
    • F-15C
    • A-10A
       The player may choose to fly campaigns for the United States, Ukraine, the Russian Federation, or Germany.  Players choose aircraft based on mission role and nation chosen.


        Upon its release, Lock On was notorious for being rather demanding of PC hardware. Even some high-end PC's had trouble running the game smoothly because of its high level of detail.
    Since 2003, the game has been updated with bug fixes and address crashes and other minor glitches. In the 1.1 update, known as Lock On: Flaming Cliffs. In addition to correcting flaws with the original game, the update adds the Su-25T to the game, bring the total number of flyable aircraft to nine.

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