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    Logan Cunningham

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    Logan Cunningham is a member of Supergiant Games. He is the voice of the narrator in the indie game Bastion.

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    Official Bio

    A longtime friend of Darren’s and Amir’s, Logan hails from San Jose but moved back east to study… just about everything besides acting. Yet by the time Logan finished college, he knew that acting was his true calling, thanks in part to an education rife with classical theater and visual arts kids. Armed with this realization, he took the obvious next step: He moved to Brooklyn and “got jobs shelving comic books in Times Square and tearing tickets at an arthouse cinema in Greenwich Village,” as he puts it. Thankfully he does fit some acting gigs into his schedule from time to time, and has “appeared in countless low budget/no budget movies.” We are very pleased, then, to feature Logan Cunningham in his first starring performance in a low budget/no budget game! To this end, when Logan first starting doing voiceover work for Bastion in early 2010, he only needed to step into Darren’s bedroom to record since the two of them were roommates at the time.



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