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    Lois Griffin

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    Lois Griffin is a character from the comedy series Family Guy. She is the wife of Peter and the mother of Stewie, Chris and Meg.

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    Lois Pewterschmidt was born into her rich family and to her parents Carter and Barbara Pewterschmidt making them high-class citizens and earn good fortunes. She has two siblings older brother Patrick and younger sister Carol. She is the wife of Peter Griffin and the mother of three children Meg, Chris and Stewie and she is close friends with the family dog Brian.

    Lois first met Peter Griffin when he was a Towel Boy at the swimming pool in Cherrywood Manor, Newport, Rhode Road as the two of them hit it off with a romantic relationship and then both of them got married and she give birth to her first born daughter Meg, middle son Chris and then finally to her baby son Stewie.

    Lois seems to be a typical housewife at times dealing with her husband Peter's shenanigans and taking care of Stewie that seems a good target to manipulate her at times, however she loves them and cares for her family at times and she has a close relationship to her neighbours such as Quagmire, Bonnie and Donna. Her father Carter can't withstand Peter for not being a good enough lazy husband to her daugther Lois because he keeps up with his crazy shenanigans with her at times.


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