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Lollipop Chainsaw Review

After playing this game I kind of feel dirty. Now that's an opening line for you, but in part it is true. You'll be playing the part of a blonde cheerleader named, Juliet, whose family is actually a bunch of demon hunters. On the menu in this game is zombies, and a ton of them. They come in all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately all of this happens on Juliet's birthday, and her strong innocent boyfriend doesn't last too long, well most of him doesn't. Turns out that Juliet also knows so magical spells that she uses to keep her boyfriend alive as just a talking head.

Graphically this definitely screams Suda 51, and its a good thing too since he helped make this game. You'll definitely get to see a lot of different areas, I think 6 to be exact if I'm counting right, and in each of those areas you'll get to see a rooftop, a farm, school, a downtown area, a Viking ship, a junk yard and more. The thing that really stood out for me was the bosses, they really had their very own twisted zombie look. You had the punk rocker, you had the Elvis Wannabe, you had a Viking with a bear's head attached to him, and an OVERLY gothic dude who needs to be put into his place.

The voice acting was over the top at all moments, but I guess that's where it had to go when it came to dealing with a ditzy cheerleader, her airhead of a boyfriend, and her crazy family.

The controls didn't really matter all that much for me as I was mashing different combos of A, Y, and/or X. Those are you're attack buttons, and you're going to be using them alot. You will also notice that there are special combos that you open up as the game goes along, which can look pretty sweet when you pull them off.

So you're Juliet, and you're killing swarms of zombies. If you do it with enough style you'll get special medals, if you get enough of them you'll be able to unlock new outfits for Juliet to wear, instead of her skimp cheerleading outfit. You'll also be collecting coins that you can turn around and use on new moves or items that will make Juliet stronger, or last longer. To be honest most of the stuff stayed locked for me probably because I didn't chain enough attacks together to bring in the big bucks, but there were some impressive sounding moves that I really wanted to unlock that I didn't get a chance to do. Now an interesting mechanic that was put into the game was Juliet's modesty, if you try to aim the camera for an upskirt shot she will instinctively cover her butt with her hand. The one problem I had with this game is that each level felt like its own mini-game. There were specific things that you would do in each level that never really showed up again later in the game. One was zombie basketball where you're trying to decapitate zombies, and as you do so their heads will fly to the basket. There's also zombie baseball, the freaking bane of my existence. You see you can put Nick, the boyfriend's head, on any headless blue glowing zombie, and in zombie baseball you'll have the chance to use a zombie blaster gun to try to keep the zombies off as Nick runs the bases. Problem is that he celebrates a lot when he gets to each base, then there's also the issue with the aiming mechanic that when you aim it automatically aims at the closest zombie, and if you've ever played baseball you know that second bases is the furthest base away, so if there's a swarm of zombies there you're in a bit of trouble. Anyways you have to round the bases three times, each time with more zombies popping up, I had to try it about 20+ times before I lucked out.

This is the type of game that never seems to click through most of it, and then all of a sudden when it does you'll be thinking to yourself, man I wasted a ton of time on the front end of this game. Well I'm hear to tell you that this is the kind of game you want to borrow, or perhaps rent. Sure there's something to do after you defeat a level, and that's to try to do the level again, but this time going for a high score. Personally, one time through each is enough. I will tell you this, without giving away the ending, there's multiple endings, so there's also that if you're into that. This game gets a 7.2 out of 10.

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