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    Londo Bell is the protagonist group from Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack and Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn. It is also the name given to the player's team in most early Super Robot Wars games.

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    Londo Bell debuted in the anime movie Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack.
    They were formed after the First Neo-Zeon War to search for and detain rogue Zeon remnants, similar to the original purpose of the Titans Task Force. In order to prevent a repeat of the disaster that occurred due to the Titans, the Earth Federation government filled the roster with ex-AEUG personnel, who would be much more humane about handling the task. However, due to the Federation's general indifference about the situation in space, along with lingering feelings of resentment amongst the colonists, Londo Bell's job was made nearly impossible.
    Eventually, a second Neo-Zeon movement would be started, led by Char Aznable. The Federation responded by increasing their presence in space, which included adding troops to Londo Bell's roster such as Amuro Ray. Londo Bell, consisting of only three battleships and led by legendary captain Bright Noa, would fight the Second Neo-Zeon War single-handedly. The war would end when Amuro used his psychoframe-enhanced Nu Gundam to push the Axis asteroid away from the Earth's atmosphere.

    Super Robot Wars

    In Super Robot Wars, Londo Bell is often the name of the protagonist force. The label is given to the Mobile Suits and other Super Robots that are appointed by the Earth Federation to protect the Earth Sphere from rogue factions. Its first use was in Super Robot Wars 2, which was the first game to feature pilots in general.
    While the members of Londo Bell differ between games, there are a few common traits amongst each team: they are led by Bright Noa, they utilize the Argama battleship (although they generally upgrade to the movie-canon Ra Cailum), and the Earth Federation mistrusts and/or misues them (including downgrading their units, removing the Super Robots from the team, and pulling them back when a war is nearing its conclusion).
    The Londo Bell banner would be used in every game after its introduction until Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden (the Cyber Beast Force from the Super Beast Machine God Dancougar anime was used in Compact 2 Part 1, but they would later be rolled into Londo Bell). Starting in Alpha 2, the games began to have anime-neutral, player-renamable titles (such as Alpha Numbers, Round Knights, and ZEUTH).

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