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A Silent Hill love letter that sometimes shows too much love 0

The original Silent Hill trilogy may be the most influential survival horror games of all time. Games had attempted horror before then, but those games pushed the idea into the mainstream and had the most success (at the time) in the genre, both in terms of popularity and quality. And then it started to go downhill after The Room, and much of its critical reputation has been tarnished since.But most fans of the genre still love the original three games (myself included), and Jasper Byrne is clea...

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Silent Hill's Scarier when Starving 0

Download Size: 105 MBTime Played: 3.7 hrs.Ending: GreenFinal Grade: C-What I'd Pay: $10Steam Price (4/25/12): $10Day 13. I woke up and turned on the radio. It spat and hiss, then I heard something say in a raspy voice, "We're... waiting... for you..." No idea who, or what. Went to the kitchen, cooked some beans to eat over a gas stove (no electricity), then checked my supplies: 2 flashlight batteries, 1 clip of ammo, 1 emergency flare, some sleeping pills, an old squid-on-a-stick and a jar of pi...

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A New Retro Survival Horror Classic 0

Lone Survivor is a survival horror game that really makes you feel both the survival and the horror and thirdly the horror of survival.Right off the bat LS has a demo out there, so you should give that a couple minutes to see if you can handle the retro graphics.Not for you? Move on.Pixel lover? Let's dig in.LS takes quite a few cues from other survival games, like an auto updating mapping system and flashlight that needs new batteries constantly, but really the game remains largely unique. You ...

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A game that shows how survival horror should be done 0

Lone Survivor:Developer/Publisher: Superflat GamesRelease: April 23,2012Genre: Survival Horror, RPG, SimulationLanguage: EnglishDRM Free survivor was an indie game primarily made by Jasper Byrne. I got it in the Humble Bundle 5 sale. This is a interesting game to review because it's easy to spoil things which leaves the review being more broad with an lack of examples. I do hope this review will give you an understanding about the game though.Story:You p...

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Twin Peaks meets Silent Hill meets... Pixels? 0

After years of lackluster or even non-existent showings from the big horror franchises – Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Fatal Frame – hope was all but lost for terror-seeking genre junkies like myself. Aside from the occasional Dead Space or Metro title, survival horror seemed to have been tossed back through the mirror, left to die in the twisted universe it originally shambled out from.This is not the case.The time has come to clean off those gigantic blood-stained scissors, don our rusty pyr...

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Survival Horror at it's Best 0

This little indie game from Superflat games has left me in awe. I've been watching for it to come out for a while now, hoping that it would scratch the survival horror itch I've wanting to scratch for so long, and let me tell you, it does just that. You play as "You", stuck inside your apartment building that is crawling with inside out people that have been infected by a mysterious plague. Food is scarce, ammo more so. Your sanity teeters on the edge of a cliff, reined in only by a handful of p...

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