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    Long Live the Queen

    Game » consists of 8 releases. Released Nov 08, 2013

    As the princess, the player must contend with political intrigue, assassination attempts, and decide how to best run or ruin her kingdom while avoiding other dangers in this Princess Maker inspired game.

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    The player controls the 14-year-old Elodie whose mother - the Queen of Nova - has recently passed away. She is to be crowned the new queen in 40 weeks from the start of the game. On the road to becoming the next Queen the player must survive in this world of political intrigue, murder, and survival.


    The gameplay consists of multiple phases of progression. The story and progression is set and events play out at predetermined points. The player schedules Elodie's weekday classes to train her skills. During the weekends, the player will decide they would like Elodie to do in an effort to press forward in the story or change her emotional state for bonuses in classes.

    Graphic Novel

    Text based story with decisions. Some decisions and progression is directly based on skills. Skills pertaining to the point in the story will affect the progress or reveal more information pertinent to the situation.

    Classes and Skills

    Every day the player chooses 2 classes to attend for the week. These classes are split into multiple categories of 3. After gaining a minimum of 25 points in all classes within a category the player will unlock a costume with bonuses and gain the ability to go over the base maximum of 50. The very maximum skill is 100 in each class. The improvement in skills can be increased or decreased based on Elodie's emotional state.

    Example: If Elodie is more depressed, she is more capable of learning skills that are based on Expression, but less capable of Conversation. If Elodie is angry, she is better at learning skills based on combat.

    Royal Demeanor

    • Composure
    • Elegance
    • Presence


    • Public Speaking
    • Court Manners
    • Flattery


    • Decoration
    • Instrument
    • Voice


    • Dance
    • Reflexes
    • Flexibility


    • Swords
    • Archery
    • Polearms


    • Running
    • Climbing
    • Swimming

    Animal Handling

    • Horses
    • Dogs
    • Falcons


    • Novan
    • Foreign Affairs
    • World


    • Internal Affairs
    • Foreign Intelligence
    • Ciphering


    • Herbs
    • Battlefield
    • Poison


    • Accounting
    • Trade
    • Production


    • Strategy
    • Naval Strategy
    • Logistics


    • Meditation
    • Divination
    • Lore


    • Sense Magic
    • Resist Magic
    • Wield Magic


    There are 4 categories of moods, with two opposing moods in each category. Elodie may gain or lose points in any mood, tipping the corresponding mood category to either end of the spectrum. For example, gaining +1 Yielding is practically equivalent to -1 Willful. Elodie's "current mood" (ie. the one furthest from the neutral line) will affect her skill training.more prominently than usual. If there are more than one mood that are equally as strong, the higher mood as listed below gains priority as the "current mood". She may also gain or lose points as story events happen.

    • Anger - Afraid
    • Cheerful - Depressed
    • Willful - Yielding
    • Pressured - Lonely

    Free Time

    After 5 days of classes the player usually gets free time to do something. Normally the choices only affect mood and have no story, such as going to service to get less angry or depressed, or visiting the dungeon to become more willful. If someone is visiting the castle for an extended period of time, they will be placed on the map for Elodie to visit. Some options can be unlocked after certain skill levels are reached. For example, sports - which increases anger and willfulness - will be unlocked once Elodie's agility reaches a certain point.


    • Talk to Your Father
    • Attend Ball
    • Attend Court
    • Walk in the Garden
    • Explore Castle
    • Visit Tomb
    • Attend Service
    • Sneak Out
    • Play with Toys
    • Visit Dungeon

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