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full name: Long Shin

Voice by: Jimmy Nochol (Bloody Roar), Dario Toda (Bloody Roar 3), Chris Wells (Bloody Roar 4)

Age: 26 (BR1) 31 (BR2) 32 (BR3/BR:PF/BR:EX) 33 (BR4)

Nationality: China

Beast form: Tiger

Height: 179cm (184cm in Beast form)

Weight: 70kg (78kg in Beast form)

Occupation: hermit (former assassin)

Likes: Peace of mind

Dislikes: Dishonesty and lies

Ability plus: Long gains the Consecutive Hit Effect and Counter Hit Effect abilities.

Relationships: Shenlong (clone), Uriko (pupil)


Long tries to hide from others so that he will not harm them. It says

that he killed his sister when he was in his beast form.

In Bloody Roar 2, a young girl named Uriko goes to Long to help her get her

mother back. After a fight, he decides to teach her Kenpo. Uriko

manages to learn although some of the attacks are incomplete.

In Bloody Roar 4 he is a secret character.

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