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    Loran Cehack

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    Loran Cehack (or Rolan Cehack) is the protagonist of Turn A Gundam and pilot of the eponymous Gundam. He is sent by the Moonrace to scout Earth, but grows fond of the planet and its inhabitants.

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    Background information

    During Loran's time, there are two main settlements of human populations: The Earth and the Moon. The people on the moon, otherwise known as the Moonrace, have superior technology when compared to their Earth counterparts. The reason why this is so is because of a historical event only refered to as the "Dark History", and the events that are related to this unfortunate era caused human technology on Earth to go backwards. This is why humans on Earth are living with technology that exists in the 20th Century, mostly around the mid 1910s.

    Despite of the Moonrace's superior technological edge, it could no longer resume life there due to its dwindling supplies. As a result, the authorities of the Moonrace elected to emigrate back to Earth.

    Arriving on Earth: First 2 years

    Loran Cehack spent the first 15 years of his life on the moon, until he was part of the project to move the Moonrace back to Earth. With friends Keith Laije and Fran Doll, Loran arrives on Earth and gets in to trouble. He was playing by the lake when the currents swept him up and almost caused him to drown. Fortunately, the Heim family and its servants are close by to save the teenage boy.

    Because of the rescue, Loran works for Dylan Heim and his mining company in Vicinity (town), Inglessa (principality). From the get-go, Loran has an immense crush on Dylan's eldest daughter, Kihel, due to her similar looks to Dianna Soreil (the Queen of the Moonrace). However, Kihel doesn't reciprocate these feelings. But Sochie Heim, Kihel's younger, tomboyish sister, pines for him. He also catches up with his two Moonrace friends, Keith and Fran, and sees that the two have also taken jobs as well. Keith became an apprentice baker, while Fran worked in a printing house of a city newspaper . During these first two years Loran enjoyed his life on Earth. Although he would soon support the expansion of the Moonrace due to his lineage, he remains more supportive of peaceful coexistence between the "Earthrace" and the "Moonrace".

    First Piloting of the Turn A Gundam

    When Loran turned 17, he participated in the coming of age ceremony, where he would be considered an adult in society. However, as he and Sochie were doing the rituals, Moonrace robots started their attacks on Earth. This results in the unearthing of the Turn A Gundam, originally the statue where people performed the ritual for the coming of age ceremony. By chance Loran enters the cockpit of the robot and repels the Moonrace forces with the Gundam's Beam Rifle.

    Since then, due to his incredible aptitude towards machinery, Loran pilots the Turn A Gundam for the majority of the story. And since nobody knows that Loran was from the moon, he was immediately recruited to fight for the Earth Militia, an army that was specifically designed to fight against the Dianna Counter (Moonforce military). In the initial episodes of Turn A Gundam, Loran is attempting to grasp the controls of the robot. He manages to do so when he discovers an electronic booklet that contains instructions for the Gundam. As time goes on, he is able to maneuver the White Doll effectively and understand its components.

    While Loran adjusts to life as a Gundam pilot, the conflict between the Earth Militia and the Dianna Counter rages on. Atrocities occurred on both sides, as the Moonrace wiped out scores of people with their superior weapons, while the humans on Earth staged constant raids and attacked defenseless Moonrace civilians who began to emigrate to Earth. Attempts to negotiate failed as well; the first formal meeting between the two factions ended up with gunshots and minor bloodshed. In addition, the Earthrace refused to comply with the demands of the Dianna Counter, which involved the relinquishing of the entire Sun Belt zone.

    The Advent of Dianna Soreil

    As the conflict between the Moonrace and its earthly counterparts dragged on, Queen Dianna, the supreme authority of the Moonrace, arrives on Earth. She vowed to resolve the problem, and decides to do so by first staging a social party involving both the people from the moon and the Earth. In response, Guin Lineford, the leader of Inglessa and the organizer of the Earth Militia, instructs Loran to participate it- as a female living on Earth. As a result, Loran spent time with Kihel to learn how to be a proper lady, by learning skills such as dancing, proper posture in walking, wearing dresses and putting on makeup. Loran would also adopt the alias "Laura Rola".

    During the party in the evening, both Moonrace and Earthrace guests were gathering in their own corners and talking amongst themselves. It was only until Loran danced with Harry Ord, the personal bodyguard of Queen Dianna, that the party became jubilant. Soon after the dance, Loran was introduced to Queen Dianna. They have a brief conversation about the need to stop the fighting, but was interrupted when Dianna was attacked by Moonrace zealots, who hid under a giant cake while the party was going on. Fortunately, Dianna wasn't hurt and a ceasefire was soon issued.

    In spite of the ceasefire, neither side was satisfied. The humans on Earth still believed that the Moonrace should return to the moon, while the supplies for the civilians of the Moonrace (on Earth) were dwindling. Loran helped a Moonrace man named Gwen Mueller to find food like chicken, cow and wheat in an abandoned farm so that he and his family could survive the upcoming winter. But this act incurred the wrath of the Earthrace living in the countryside, again causing bickering and arguing. Unable to control his emotions, and weary of the hate that permeated the setting, Loran admits publicly that he was from the moon himself, but that he serves neither the Moonrace nor the Earthrace. His declaration was recorded by his friends Fran Doll, and it saw publication in the Nocis Chronicle not long after. Sochie Heim, who heard Loran's statement in person, was so enraged with Loran that she slapped him for lying to her; their relationship would remain frosty until the end of the series.

    The ceasefire further eroded when Corin Nander, an ex-Moonrace pilot with a sadistic and insubordinate edge, arrived to cause havoc without the permission of the Moonrace army. Soon after, fighting breaks out, with the Moonrace staging an assault against the Mountain Cycles (the mines that Loran worked in, that also hold Gundams).

    While Sochie resents Loran and starts to pull away, Kihel starts to gravitate towards him by complimenting and being nice to him. Ironically, Kihel was really Dianna Soreil in disguise; the two look like twins and they previously changed outfits as a joke that has gone too far (they would keep the other's persona for a long while). With Dianna's help, Loran was able to defeat Coran Nander, but it was a hollow victory; all the cities were razed to the ground while fighting Nander. Therefore, Loran, Dianna and a group of miners are on the run from the Moonrace.

    Discovery of the Willgame

    During the escape from the Moonrace, Loran and company met up with a man named Will Game, a descendant of Dianna Soriel's past love interest. They discover that Will was attempting to follow his father to the moon, and planned to do so by unearthing and using a spaceship hidden in the mountains. Will Game was willing to give away the ship as long as he could reach the moon, and attempts to do so by joining up with Dianna Counter (only to die in the line of duty soon after). Guin Lineford would later hear of the ship. And with the help of some disgruntled Moonrace scientists (who defected due to a lack of food supplies), the Militia was able to fully take control of the ship (now named Willgame). They would later go on to find other important important tools, namely the Gallop (a rig for the robots). Soon after the Militia has loaded itself with some new weapons, Guin has also set his sights to go to the moon. To do so, however, the Will Game needed to go to Maniupich (an ancient city) so it could reach the Zacktraeger (a space station that could direct the Willgame to the moon).

    However, before reaching Maniupich, the Militia commenced an excavation project in Lost Mountain that would give Loran extra responsibility. Nuclear weapons were discovered in the depths of the mountains. Due to some misunderstandings between the Militia and the Dianna Counter, fighting ensued there, resulting in the detonation of some of the nuclear weapons and the deaths of several pilots on both sides (including Gavane Gooney, Sochie's fiancé). The resulting explosions were so huge and so bright that those who recounted the event said the scene resembled that of the morning skies during was midnight - a "midnight dawn". After the minor skirmish, a Dianna Counter pilot decided to snatch away the 2 remaining nuclear bombs and give them to Loran so he could dispose of them. Loran decided that the weapons shouldn't be disposed on Earth, but rather in space once he reaches there.

    Siege of Maniupich

    The Militia's plans to reach Maniupich were foiled, as the Moonrace was able to reach there first and fortify the area with anti-air cannons. Guin Lineford wanted to use the Willgame to decimate the fortifications, but was discouraged to do so because of the potential damages to the ancient city located near there. Lineford allowed a contingent of Militia men, including Loran, to go through the ancient city to sabotage the cannons, but they must finish the job before sunrise. Thankfully, during the mission, Loran was able to convince the natives of the ancient city to help them disable the cannons, thus stopping Lineford from using the Willgame's weaponry. But after finishing the job, Loran and the militia had to defend the Willgame one more time against the Dianna Counter (which was at the time not under Dianna's control) one more time before the Willgame could launch into outer space.


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