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    Lord Gizamaluke

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    One of the earlier bosses in Final Fantasy IX, you must defeat him to get through his grotto and arrive in Burmecia

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    Lord/Master Gizamaluke is the once friendly and popular creature that inhabits and essentially runs Gizamaluke's Grotto (named after him of course). During the events of the game, he has been brainwashed by Zorn and Thorn and has completely changed his demeanor to that of a vicious, blood-thirsty beast. He attacks the party of Zidane, Vivi, and Freya (Quina optionally) as they reach the end of his cavern.
    HP: 3175
    Items: Ice Staff; Magus Hat; Elixir
    Gizamaluke is an easy boss to tackle. Zidane should focus on stealing the items (primarily Vivi's Ice Staff), while Freya should use Jump and Vivi should cast Thunder spells. They will be the main damage dealers, while Quina (if you have it in your team) should heal and cure status ailments.
    Gizamaluke uses only 2 attacks that hurt you, Tail (which physically hits all party members for good damage) and Water (which does medium damage to one or more targets). He also has a counter-attack that he uses on Vivi when he casts a magic spell on him, Silence. This is why Quina is needed for healing and status ailment removal.


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