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    Lord Nagafen

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    Lord Nagafen is a mighty, red dragon and one of the four original raid encounters in EverQuest.

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    Lord Nagafen was exiled from the Ring of Scale for, as the stories say, attempting to mate with a white dragon, which is forbidden. Despite being exiled, Nagafen's power still reached far and wide. For many years, he commanded the city of Qeynos to sacrifice a young woman to him once a year. When a maiden by the name of Erolette was selected, she spent her final moments of life praying to the goddess of love, Erollisi Marr. Erollisi heard these prayers and used a golden thread to sew Nagafen's heart to his stomach, causing the dragon to confuse his hunger for love. Nagafen could not bear to eat Erolette, and as he grew hungrier, his heart grew causing Nagafen himself to grow until he was so large that he could no longer leave his own lair. Upon realizing the dragon was helpless, Erolette escaped. And, as legend has it, Nagafen let loose a roar so mighty, that lava spewed from mountains above. The fiery dragon remains trapped here, only able to fill his hunger when foolhardy adventurers attempt to slay him.


    Nagafen's Lair
    Nagafen's Lair

    Lord Nagafen, along with Lady Vox, Phinigel Autropos, and the Avatar of Fear, is one of the four original raid encounters in EverQuest. Not long after the release of the game's first expansion, The Ruins of Kunark, the rules of this encounter were changed by Verant. Since the level cap had increased from 50 to 60, Lord Nagafen wasn't as tough to defeat as he was before. So, the developers decided to institute a limit that kept anyone over level 52 from attacking Nagafen. This was done to help make sure there was challenging content for players who had not yet reached max level.




    • Dragon Roar (AE Fear)
    • Lava Breath (AE Fire)
    • Summon


    • Nagafen
    • Vox

    Opposing Factions

    • Solusek Mining Co

    Related Quests

    • Bard Epic: Singing Short Sword
    • Dragon Scale Conversion
    • Dragons, Dragons, Dragons
    • The Fiery Avenger
    • Red Dragonscale Armor
    • Warrior Epic: Jagged Blade of War


    • Black Sapphire
    • Bladestopper
    • Blight, Hammer of the Scourge
    • Blue Diamond
    • Cloak of Flames
    • Gauntlets of Fiery Might
    • Gold Plated Koshigatana
    • Hierophant's Crook
    • Orb of Tishan
    • Prayers of Life
    • Red Dragon Scales
    • Ruby Crown
    • Selo's Drums of the March
    • Torn, burnt book
    • Treasure Hunter's Satchel

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