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The Story

In Lord of the Sword, the old king of Baljinya has been toppled from the throne by the followers of the evil Ra Goan. The player controls the adventurer Landau, wants to become the new king of Baljinya. To do so, he has to prove his worthiness to the counsel of elders who have set up three tests for those who want to become king. Landau has to find the Tree of Merill, Defeat the Goblin of Balala Valley and destroy the Statue of Evil.


The gameplay can be compared to the dungeons in the second Zelda game on the NES. Landau has three basic abilities he can use: he can strike with his sword, fire his bow and jump. The game progresses through a variety of 2D environments in which the player encounters different enemies. Landau does not get any experience or money from them, although certain bosses will reward better (or in some cases even worse) weapons.

The environments consist of Islands, Forests, Caves, Mountains, Rivers, Swamps and Underground. From time to time there are also towns in which Landau can talk to people to gain information, objects, and health. Certain information is always necessary to progress further in the game. Without it, is it not possible to reach new areas or fight bosses.

The enemies on each screen always reappear when the player leaves and re-enters the area for a second time. There is no real penalty for dying in the game though, as the game will always resume at the beginning of the last screen the player reached.

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