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    Lord Soth

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    A fallen Paladin turned ruthless Death Knight, Soth is one of the main villains in D&D's Dragonlance setting.

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    Once one of the Knights of Solamnia, Soth was a gifted but prideful knight. One day while travelling, he came upon Elven priestesses being accosted by Ogres and rescued them. The loveliest of them, Isolde Denissa, caught Soth's eye, and though he was already married, Soth took her as a mistress.

    Though Soth maintained the charade for a time, his wife Korrine later attempted to conceive a child through magic. The witch who aided Korrine warned her that said child would be a reflection of Soth's own soul. Sure enough, the child came out a monster and Soth, not realizing what had happened, mistakenly believed that his wife had consorted with a fiend, and struck down her and the child. Korrine's lady-in-waiting then exposed Soth's affair, and after it was also revealed that he had killed his wife and child, Soth fled to Dargaard Keep. He would be forced to fend off numerous attacks on the keep, and grew embittered. In a moment of repentance, he and Isolde, now his second wife, prayed to the gods Paladine and Mishakal. The latter foretold of a coming cataclysm that Soth could stop, so he took up the task in the hopes that it would redeem him for his past follies.

    Unfortunately, Soth never made it to his destination. Instead, he ran into three Elf maids who convinced Soth that Isolde had been unfaithful to him. Returning to his keep, Soth confronted Isolde just as the cataclysm Mishakal had predicted began. A fire broke out in the keep, and when Soth refused to help Isolde or their newborn child, she cursed him. All would die in the fire, but Soth would rise again as a Death Knight.


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