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Lord Vorselon is the secondary antagonist of Ratchet & Clank Future A Crack in Time. During a war aganist a species called Drophyds he lost his body and replaced it with a robotic one. Lord Vorselon then met the evil Dr. Nefarious and agreed to help him use the clock if he got to go back in time to the year he fought the Drophyds so he can win the battle and get his real body back. He first appears on planet Quartos where he kidnapps several Fongoids and Captain Qwark and takes them his warship. Ratchet the, however, traveled to his warship and freed the, Ratchet which displeases Vorselon greatly. He then meets Vorselon, who thinks ratchet is a Lombax named Alister Azimuth, and they start to battle. Ratchet defeats Vorselon, causeing his artifical robotic body to explode where he escapes his life support tank that protects his head saying to Ratchet the battle was far from over, but then gets stuck in the door, but got free when he used his booster pack to fly though it. He is later seen in Nefarious' office with a new artifical telling him Ratchet & Azimuth have destroyed a machine called the VX-99. Greatly displeased with Vorselon Nefarious said he practically "handed those squishes to him on a silver platter". Nefarious then yells and throws a triangle shaped object at him, but Vorselon warps out of the way. Nefarious then said that if Ratchet or Azimuth find the Great Clock their plans will be ruined, and his body will remain crushed and left on planet Zaurik, the Drophyd homeplanet. Vorselon then makes a sad looking puppy dog like face as Nefarious brings in specialists, Cassiopeia, Carina, and Libra. After Ratchet finds out what happens to Clank's father, Orvus, on planet Zanifar, Vorselon, talking on his camera, appears and tells Ratchet he has captured Azimuth and will kill him but if Ratchet takes his place Azimuth will live and then uploads his whereabouts to Ratchet's ship, says better hurry to him, and breaks the camera. Ratchet then travels to Vorselon' ship again to stop him. Ratchet finds Vorselon, but Vorselon does not tell him where Azimuth is, but says, if he defeats him, maybe he'll tell him. After another battle. Ratchet once again defeated Vorselon and his artifical body explodes where he escapes in his jar once again saying that he "can not be defeated", but doesn't tell Ratchet where Azimuth, but Ratchet utimately finds Azimuth himself and leaves the ship. After the second battle with Ratchet, Vorselon finds his way back to Nefarious' space station and decides to take a break from fighting Ratchet and play some video games. Vorselon and Nefarious then play a video game, with him playing Captain Qwark and Nefarious playing himself, but since Vorselon didn't have an artifical body yet, it was extremely hard for him to move the remote, and as a result he lost and Nefarious shouted "victory, in your face at him" and he makes a pouty looking face, as Lawrence appears to tell Nefarious that Clank led them straight to the Orvus Chamber. After Dr. Nefarious and Alister Azimuth were defeated, Vorselon challenged Ratchet and Clank to one last fight, and then dramatically says he is Ratchet's father's accountant, but being Vorselon has a tendancy to be over dramatic it may not be true.  After batting some of Vorselon's remaining troopers, the Lombax and robot found Vorselon at the battle area. Vorselon then says "welcome back Lombax, as you can see, i've upgraded my suit, prepare for terror unlike you have ever known!" Clank asked Ratchet if Vorselon was always this dramatic, and Ratchet says it kind've his thing and then says to Vorselon to "end this once and for all" After putting enough damage to his suit, it, as always, explodes, leaving him a head on the ground, where Ratchet then killed him by crushing his disembodied head. However, this victory is short lived, as Vorselon's death then activated the self-desturct of his ship as apart of his "Sore Loser Protocal 71406", but Ratchet and Clank manage to escape to thieir ship and Vorselon's ship explodes, annihilating Vorselon's ship and all of his remainging troopers.

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