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    Lore Finder

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    Lore Finder is a 2D exploration action platformer in a Lovecraftian setting. Gathering power-ups changes the world, making it more and more horrific.

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    Lore Finder is a 2D action-adventure and a Metroidvania, developed by Kitsune Games, with Lovecraftian themes. It had a Kickstarter which started on November 15, 2018, with a playable demo for Windows and browsers. It was fully funded 8 days later on November 23. Lore Finder will release on Windows with Mac and Linux support planned.


    Players control paranormal investigator, K.C. Morgan, and must search a creepy New England mansion for signs of their missing father. During this search players collect scrolls of forbidden lore, which offer power-ups, but every scroll also changes things within the game world; new areas may be revealed, monsters may show up or become more powerful, and water may turn to acid.

    The first ability players have is the gun, which is powerful but can't be used while moving or jumping. Other powers can be used to gain access to new areas, such as using a shadow ball power to destroy flesh blocks blocking the way, or a wall slide and jump ability that allows players to get to greater heights.


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