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    Lost in Shadow

    Game » consists of 8 releases. Released Jul 22, 2010

    Play as a young boy's shadow in this atmospheric puzzle platformer by Hudson.

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    Lost in Shadow is a 2D puzzle-platformer. The majority of the game takes place in the background of the game world. The player is in control of a boy's shadow which must scale the shadows of a tall tower. This is laid out in a level-to-level structure wherein the player must solve puzzles and fight enemies along the way.

    The boy is also accompanied by a mythological air spirit known as a Sylph. This companion offers varying elements of gameplay through the alteration of foreground light sources which in turn alters the arrangement of the shadows in the 2D world.

    Occasionally, the player is able to step the boy out of his 2D world of shadows, and into a 3D version of the shadow world where the boy may interact with the objects themselves as opposed to simply their shadows.


    A boy has his own shadow detached from his body and thrown away from the top of an enormous tower by a mysterious man and from here on out the game follows the boy's shadow, which can only walk on other shadows. The player must help the shadow climb back to the top of the tall tower, which is filled with puzzles and enemies.

    International Differences

    Distribution & Publishing

    In Europe, the game was distributed by Konami Digital Entertainment but still published by Hudson.

    For the Australian release, Mindscape took on the role of publisher for the game.

    Different Names

    • The European and Australian release is named "A Shadow's Tale."
    • The original Japanese release is titled " 影の塔 " (kage no tou), which translates to "Tower of Shadows"

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