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    Lost Odyssey

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Feb 12, 2008

    Lost Odyssey tells the epic journey of Kaim, a 1000 year old immortal with no memory of his past. He soon discovers there are other immortals as a conspiracy begins to unravel.

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     Kaim Argonar
     Kaim Argonar
    Lost Odyssey is a role playing game for the Xbox 360. The main protagonist is Kaim Argonar, an immortal soldier who has lived over a thousand years. The game starts off with Kaim having forgot his memories. The player can gain his memories back in various parts of the game where the specific story is told through text in the "A Thousand Years of Dreams".
    The setting of Lost Odyssey has a multitude of influences, ranging from fantasy and steampunk (similar to Final Fantasy 7), to sci-fi and Eastern aesthetics (as seen in fashions and architecture).

    The game was one of the first games to be developed by Mistwalker studios along with Blue Dragon, and most notably produced by Hironobu Sakaguchi, creator of the Final Fantasy series in which many elements can be similar. 
    It should also be noted that Lost Odyssey was worked on by  Feel Plus. Feel Plus, created by Microsoft Game Studios, helped aid Mistwalker Studios in their many steps towards creating Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon.

    Lost Odyssey features five language tracks and fully lip-synced video sequences.


    Lost Odyssey is set in a fantasy world nearing a magical industrial revolution. Magic is starting to be used at all levels to advance technology. The story takes place at a time of hostile posturing between the rival nations of Uhra, Numara and Gohtza.

    Throughout the world there are five immortals. These beings are: Kaim the main protagonist, Ming the thousand-year queen, Seth a former pirate, Sarah Kaim's wife and Gongora a magic adviser and the main antagonist. These are spirits from another world that have taken human form and in fact age at a vastly slower rate. (Their age rate: 1000 normal years = 1 year of the immortals life.) 
    The immortal characters have no memories of their past, however, throughout the game different events will trigger characters to remember different memories and help build the story.
    All immortals have a background that is not apparent to them, however are very important to them. These cases involve family, friends and personal vow's of promises, all of which have been forgotten or lost. 
    The story begins with Kaim as a solider on the battlefield, fighting for Uhra against Khent (a nation of beastmen close to Gohtza) in a war. The battle takes
    The Higlands of Wohl.
    The Higlands of Wohl.
    place in the Highlands of Wohl. With Urhra and Khent in all out war, multiple Meteorites fall on the Highlands, and almost kill's everyone. Each side attempts to retreat and fail's. Only a small minority survives the battle, none of which were directly on the battlefield apart from Kaim. These are spirits from another world that have taken human form and in fact age at a severly slower rate.

    Kaim gets on a relay team's Transport carriage. There Kaim starts to recall memories of being immortal. He soon meets a Woman called Seth on the carriage, she states that she is immortal too. Kaim does not believe this at first. 

    Later Kaim arrives at Urha, and is soon after sent to the council of Urha to debrief and answer questions about his survival.  He joins the council and find's that they have similar shocked feeling's towards him. And as much as the council questions him, Kaim questions himself further as to how he managed to survive and hears rumors that maybe he's an immortal. Kaim wonders if there's any truth to the rumours.  

    Because of his survival the council decide to send him on a dangerous mission to investigate the, currently under construction, Grand Staff, a resource that holds a massive amount of controlled magic energy.  There theory being that an accident at Grand Staff may have caused the Meteorites to fall on the Highlands of Wohl.  They send Seth too for the same reasons. Since she was rumored to be immortal as well. 
    One member of the council of Urha, called Gongora, object's, saying that if the construction of Grand Staff is interrupted, it could prolong the completion of Grand Staff. The rest of the council tell Gongora that they share the same concern, but this investigation is top priority. 

    After the meeting, Kaim head's back out to the street's of Uhra, however is shortly interrupted by Seth, telling him Gongora would like to see him in his mansion. Kaim arrives at the estate, he overhears Gongora, so he decides to eavesdrop on them. All he has time to make out is that he has hired the person in front of him. Before he can hear anymore Gongora spots him, however is not angry and introduces him to the man he was speaking to. His name is Jansen Friendh, and Gongora tells Kaim that he will accompany Kaim and Seth to Grand Staff. Kaim firstly refuses, saying that Jansen will be dead weight, yet is unwillingly convinced to take him along. 
     As the trio set out.
     As the trio set out.
    Jansen appears to be goofy, careless and a coward on top of a sleazy womanizer attitude.  He arrives at the rendezvous point to leave out for Grand Staff with drunken women surrounding him, Seth and Kaim tell him that they've almost had enough of him already. He says goodbye to the women, and they head out. However they learn the road to Grand Staff is quite long.  On the way, Jansen demands they stop at a nearby hut to get some rest, saying he's  "only mortal". So they decide to go and get some sleep. 
    With Kaim and Seth fast asleep Jansen recalls a flashback of Gongora telling him to "Just throw this at them, and there will be a large amount of money for you", he pulls out a small black sphere object.  But only gazes at it. Seth wakes up and begins getting suspicious, so Jansen decides to just go to sleep. 
    In the morning, they head out. As they reach Grand Staff they realize that they have been told the bare minimum, and decide to venture further to find out more...


    Battle System

    Lost Odyssey uses a turned based battle screen system which is almost identical to Blue Dragon, and very similar to that used in the Final Fantasy franchise and in other traditional Japaneses RPG's.

    When in the battle screen the player should pay attention to the length of time it will take to act. Simple attacks will happen quickly whereas spells (especially more advanced spells) can take more than a single turn to act out. The time it takes to prepare an attack can also be hindered by other attacks. 

    When executing melee attacks a "ring meter" will appear, by holding down the right trigger for a certain amount of time attacks can end up being more powerful (if hit at the exact right time the player can score a "perfect" as opposed to the wrong time where a "bad" will be granted).        

    In the battle screen players are arranged into a front and back row. The back row are protected by a special "wall" which is defined by the HP of characters in the front row. As the front row takes damage the wall meter depletes thus making the back row more easily damaged.  This system applies to both the player's party and the enemy party.

    Characters can wear rings which change attributes and different abilities/skills of the character. These can be changed during battle.
    Immortal characters will auto-revive after a few turns if their HP is reduced to zero. The game ends if the whole party is downed.

    Skill Linking

    The two types of character play an important role in gameplay mechanics. If a character is mortal  then they will gain skills by leveling up and also through equipping accessories. Immortal  characters on the other hand can learn the skills that mortal characters learn by "linking" themselves together. The skills gained from equipping accessories are also learned by immortals whereas a mortal player will lose a skill when the accessories is unequipped.
    Skills learned through skill linking and accessories can be assigned to 'Skill Slots'. Skill Slots are only present in immortal characters. At the beginning of the game only a few skill slots are available but as the game progresses more become available by using 'Slot Seeds' which you find throughout the world. Some accessories also grant more skill slots.  


    Magic is is divided into 8 levels becoming progressively more powerful as new magic levels are learned or obtained. Magic is broken up into four classes:

    1. Black: Mainly elemental attacks or attacks with negative status effects.

    Level 1 Black Magic Spells
    • Flare: Inflicts moderate fire damage
    • Aqua: Inflicts moderate water damage
    • Wind: Inflicts moderate wind damage
    • Ground: Inflicts moderate earth damage 

    Level 2 Black Magic Spells

    • Sleep: Puts an enemy to sleep
    • Poison: Poisons an enemy
    • Paralyze: Paralyzes an enemy
    • Prism: Inflicts moderate elemental damage

    Level 3 Black Magic Spells
    • Seal: Disables an enemy from casting magic
    • Stone: When casted on an enemy there is a chance they may become petrified in following turns
    • Curse: Inflicts curse onto an enemy
    • Force: Inflicts moderate physical damage onto an enemy

    Level 4 Black Magic Spells

    • Flara: Inflicts a significant amount of fire damage onto an enemy
    • Aquara: Inflicts a significant amount of water damage onto an enemy
    • Winda: Inflicts a significant amount of wind damage onto an enemy
    • Grounda: Inflicts a significant amount of earth damage onto an enemy

    Level 5 Black Magic Spells
    • Flare Mine: When casted onto a party member a fire element counter attack will be dealt when attacked by an enemy
    • Aqua Mine: When casted onto a party member a water element counter attack will be dealt when attacked by an enemy
    • All-Curse: Curses all enemies
    • Prisma: Inflicts a significant amount of elemental damage onto an enemy

    Level 6 Black Magic Spells
    • Wind Mine: When casted onto a party member a wind element counter attack will be dealt when attacked by an enemy
    • Ground Mine: When casted onto a party member a earth element counter attack will be dealt when attacked by an enemy
    • Jamming: Slows down the magic casting time of an enemy
    • Forcea: Inflicts a significant amount of physical damage onto an enemy

    Level 7 Black Magic Spells
    • Flarus: Inflicts a massive amount of fire damage onto an enemy
    • Aquarus: Inflicts a massive amount of water damage onto an enemy
    • Windus: Inflicts a massive amount of wind damage onto an enemy
    • Groundus: Inflicts a massive amount of earth damage onto an enemy

    Level 8 Black Magic Spells
    • Prismus: Inflicts a massive amount of elemental damage onto an enemy
    • Forceus: Inflicts a massive amount of physical damage onto an enemy
    • Leveler: Inflicts damage based on your current HP
    • Death: If successful Instantly kills one enemy

    2. White: Used mainly for protection and healing.

    Level 1 White Magic Spells
    • Heal: Slightly recovers the HP of a party member
    • Cure Poison: Cures poison status effect
    • Shield: Slightly increases the physical defense of one party member
    • Barricade: Slightly increases the magical defense of one party member

    Level 2 White Magic Spells
    • Zephyr: Slightly restores the HP of all party members
    • Cure Paralysis: Cures Paralysis status effect of a party member
    • All-Shield: Slightly increases the physical defense of all party members
    • All-Barricade: Slightly increases the magical defense of all party members

    Level 3 White Magic Spells
    • Cure Seal: Cures one party member of seal status effect
    • Cover: Creates a weak barrier around one party member
    • Shine: Inflicts minor light damage and blinds enemies
    • Kelolon: Turns a party member into Kelolon status, or removes Kelolon status

    Level 4 White Magic Spell
    • Heala: Recovers HP to one party member
    • Cure Petrify: Cures petrification of one party member
    • Erase: Removes a negative magic effect from one party member
    • Dispel: Removes a strengthening magic effect from one enemy

    Level 5 White Magic Spells
    • Zephyra: Recovers Hp of all party members
    • Cure-All: Cures one party member of all negative status effects
    • Shieldus: Increases the physical defense of one party member
    • Barricadus: Increases the magical defense of one party member

    Level 6 White Magic Spells
    • Revive: Restores a party member KO status
    • All-Shieldus: Increases the physical defense of all party members
    • All-Barricadus: Increases the magical defense of all party members
    • Covera: Creates a barrier around one party member

    Level 7 White Magic Spells
    • Healus: Greatly restores the HP of a party member
    • Heal-Up: Increases the effectiveness of healing spells on a party member
    • Reflect: Reflects spells cast against user for a short period of time
    • Shinus: Inflicts light damage and blinds enemies

    Level 8 White Magic Spells
    • Zephyrus: Greatly recovers the HP all of party members
    • Resurrect: Revives a KO'd party member and fully restores HP
    • Coverus: Creates a strong barrier around one party member
    • Divide: Inflicts damage on all enemies based on current HP

    3. Spirit: Alters power, speed and other attributes.

    Level 1 Spirit Magic Spells

    • Refresh: Slight recovers the HP of one row of party members
    • Shadow: Inflicts slight spirit damage onto all enemies
    • Dodger: Increases the change of evading enemy attacks
    • Chime: Wakes a party member from Sleep status effect

    Level 2 Spirit Magic Spells
    • Regenerate: Gives one party member weak gradual Hp regeneration
    • Powera: Slightly increases the physical attack power on one party member
    • Minda: Slightly increases the magical attack power on one party member
    • Gamble: Inflicts a random amount of damage onto one enemy

    Level 3 Spirit Magic Spells
    • Speeda: Increases the speed of one party member
    • Slower: Decreases the speed of an enemy
    • Ailment Void: Increases the change of avoiding status effects
    • Lost: Expels an enemy from the battlefield 

    Level 4 Spirit Magic Spells
    • Refresha: Recovers the HP of one row of party members
    • Shadowa: Inflicts spirit damage onto all enemies
    • Fear: Inflicts terror onto an enemy
    • Virus: Inflicts virus onto an enemy

    Level 6 Spirit Magic Spells
    • Faster: Speeds up the amount of time it takes to perform a skill
    • Delay: When casted onto an enemy will slow down the amount of time it takes to perform a skill
    • Ailment Break: Increases the elemental weakness of an enemy
    • Reset: Resets an parameter alterations on an enemy

    Level 7 Spirit Magic Spells
    • Refreshus: Greatly restores the HP of one row of party members
    • Shadowus: Inflicts high spirit magic onto all enemies
    • Reversa: Inflicts damage to one enemy bases on the amount of HP lost to the caster
    • Random: Inflicts random spirit damage

    Level 8 Spirit Magic Spells
    • Regenerus: Give one party member strong gradual HP recovery
    • All-Powerus: Increases the Physical Attack of all party members
    • All-Mindus: Increases magical attack of all party members
    • Sacrifice Self: Sacrifice the life of the caster to revive all KO'd party members

    4. Composite: Can combine spells and hit multiple targets

    New Game Plus

    Once the game has been completed a first time players have the option to start a new game using New Game Plus. All immortal characters will begin at level 50 while mortal characters will begin at normal level. All items and skills from previous saved games are not available and have to be obtained again. 

    A Thousand Years of Dreams

    Lost Odyssey introduces a new feature called "A Thousand Years of Dreams" which introduces the player to several episodes (or dreams) of the lives of Kaim and some of his immortal companions throughout the 1000 years period preceding the main story of the game. These dream sequences are triggered by events happening in the actual gameplay (such as Kaim talking to a person that reminds him of someone he met in the past) and are narrated by means of  an "enriched novel", that is, a short series of properly animated text pages accompanied by suitable music and sound effects as well as moving backgrounds and images.
    Dream Sequence Trigger
    Dream Sequence Trigger

    "A thousand years of dreams" is penned by Japanese novelist Kiyoshi Shigematsu, known for his highly emotional, yet realistic, stories. In the 34 short episodes that conform "A thousand years of dreams", Shigematsu captures the loneliness and drama of the life of a man who cannot die, but that certainly carries death with him, as he is both witness and part of the births and deaths of many people he loves. The stories of "A thousand years of dreams" opens up with many stories of sadness and injustice, but also of peace, love and hope. In the end, it aims to be a very moving experience that complements the main story arc of the game to show the player a wider and more extensive picture of the main characters' long life, and his experiences throughout it.

    Downloadable Content

    There are three downloadable content packs available for Lost Odyssey:

    Double Bonus Pack, Pre-order Bonus in North America / Free on Japanese Marketplace - Adds Master's Secret Script accessory and The Forgotten Song valuable item.

    Triple Bonus Pack, 200 Microsoft Points - Adds Killer Machine ring, and Shattered Bond and Memory Lamp valuable items.

    Dungeon Pack: Seeker of the Deep, 80 Microsoft Points - Adds Experimental Staff Remains dungeon, seven rings (All-Round, Air Master, Bandit King, End of Kelolon, Hellish Dream, Ruins Life, Tidal Wave), six accessories (Accelerator, Eternal Magic Engine, Illusionist, Mana Protector, Rose Quartz, Sarbella Fang), twenty-five slot seeds and an optional boss, Killalon, as well as six achievements for an additional 100 gamerscore.

    Hard Drive Installation

    When installed onto an Xbox 360 HDD, Lost Odyssey benefits from up to 50% less load times. 

    After the November 2009 system update that further compressed HDD installation, Lost Odyssey takes up 21.6 GB for all 4 discs. Disc one is 5.4 GB, disc two is 4.6 GB, disc three is 5.8 GB, and disc four is 5.9 GB.


    Lost Odyssey received generally favorable reviews from its critics and currently has a decent metascore of 78/100 from review aggregator Metacritic. Famitsu gave the game a score of 36/40, with its highest score being awarded by Extreme Gamer at 9.6/10 praising it for its "Innovative RPG gameplay" and for an "Engaging and unparalleled emotional story". Lost Odyssey's lowest score was from Gamespy giving it an unfavorable score of 2.5 out of 5 stars. However, some publications including Gamespy received debug versions of the game which were not the final game code. These discs had much slower load times and frame rate issues, the majority of which were fixed for the game's retail release.


     soundtrack cover
     soundtrack cover
    Lost Odyssey's soundtrack is composed by the famous music composer Nobuo Uematsu who has worked with Sakaguchi on many previous titles. 

    Disc 1

    • Prologue
    • Battlefield
    • Fire Above the Battle
    • Stopping Blow
    • Immortal Life
    • Wohl HIghlands
    • Battle Conditions
    • Victory
    • The Capital of Uhra
    • Neverending Journey
    • Epsylon Rage
    • Sad Tortan
    • Gangara's Plot
    • An Enemy Appears!
    • World of Ice
    • March of War
    • Crisis & Warning
    • The White Mother Ship
    • Eclipse of Time (Harp)
    • Numara Palace
    • The Capital of Numara
    • A Tiny Memory
    • Kelelon Forest
    • A Formidable Enemy Appears!
    • Parting Forever
    • A Return, Indeed (Piano)
    • Flashback
    • Invasion
    • A Sign of Hope
    • Theme of Pirates
    • Yosolo
    • Tosca Village
    • House of the Witch

    Disc 2

    • A Return, Indeed (Vocal)
    • The Mysterious Machine of the Demons
    • Escape!
    • Saman, Town of Merchants
    • The Capital of Gohtza
    • Demons Invasion
    • The Man Possesed by  the Demons
    • Decision
    • Blizzard Field
    • What You Are (Guitar)
    • Battle with the Demons
    • The Wanderer of Darkness
    • Ruins of the East
    • Dark Saint
    • Large Cruise
    • Interval of Dimensions
    • Distorted Space
    • Roar of the Departed Souls
    • Theme of Seth
    • Light of Blessing ~ A Letter
    • What You Are (Vocal)
    • Main Theme
    • Eclipse of Time (Vocal)

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