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A very deliberate odyssey 0

Running four disks, perhaps one of the most insanely over the top intro’s in gaming, and a sometime obtuse and initially slow plot that centers around an amnesiac immortal warrior: Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of Final Fantasy, delivers a product that is far from subtle in what it’s trying to do. Clearly a Final Fantasy game in disguise, Lost Odyssey is clearly trying to encapsulate the JRPG genre from the first Playstation era. Lost Odyssey’s core story themes and traditional turn based batt...

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Lost Odyssey was not a Final Fantasy killer but still a fun RPG. 0

There are a ton of things that I loved about Lost Odyssey. The dungeons were fun and full of random puzzles. I love the collection aspect of the game, there are a ton of accessories, skills, spells, and treasures to find. The skill system was addicting as hell. The music was awesome, and the graphics were good enough. I loved the huge amount of sidequests, optional dungeons and optional bosses. However, I was not a big fan of the world map. The map made the game feel extra linear. The first th...

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Quirky, disjointed, but mostly enjoyable 0

Let me start this review by saying that if you're not into traditional Japanese roleplaying games, you might not want to start with Lost Odyssey.  The difficulty of the early parts of the game might be a bit rough for those not acclimated to level grinds and equipment hunting.  But if you're willing to stick with this game for the long haul, Lost Odyssey is surprisingly enjoyable, if a bit rough around the edges.Graphically, Lost Odyssey is one of the best looking traditional RPG's on the market...

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A Franchise to Rival Final Fantasy 0

Lost Odyssey on the surface looks to be a typical JRPG that could be enjoyable for fans of the genre but nothing that memorable or stunning. However, as you delve into the world of Lost Odyssey, it easily tops it's main rival in the genre Final Fantasy in a number of ways - especially when you look at the latest iterations of the FF series.StoryThe story is what makes this game so unique and seperates it from the crowd. While it keeps a pretty standard JRPG format, following a group of people tr...

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Lost Odyssey 2

My name is Adam and I'm a turn-based combat-aholic. My other confession? Lost Odyssey is my first Japanese RPG and I can say without a doubt that it won't be my last. Almost every moment of this game is a beautiful and moving experience. An experience stretched over 4 discs and 45 hours, but one worth all that time and effort. This was never a game I thought I'd play. With a full-time job, 13 month old son, starting up  a new business, etc. etc. I have no right to set aside forty hours of my lif...

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It Will Fill that Square Enix-Shaped Hole in your Xbox 360 Heart 0

Orignally posted on my blogSPOILER ALERT: This review may contain story spoilers. Read at your own risk! Sakaguchi’s new company Mistwalker has had its share of problems. For very perplexing reasons they chose to chiefly develop for the Xbox 360 with side development on the Nintendo DS. As a result, nothing they make for the home console, no matter how good, will ever sell all that well in their home country. His first 360 game, Blue Dragon, sold 200,000 copies in Japan, which may sound good at ...

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Get Lost in this Odyssey 0

2008 is shaping up to be the year of the RPG. It's still early on and yet there are numerous titles being released across many platforms, the most interesting of them being the 360. Lost Odyssey isn't the first JRPG to grace the system, but it certainly is the best.Lost Odyssey follows the story of Kaim, an immortal who has walked the earth for a thousand years. The catch is that he seems to have lost his memories from that period of time. He is a mercenary, and a proficient one at that - he is ...

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A trip down memory lane. 1

If I had to describe Lost Odyssey in one phrase, it would be old school. From the turn-based random battles to the frequent cut scenes to the game's 40-50 hour length (spread over four discs, even), this is a game that would have been at home on the Playstation 1, albeit without the shiny graphics. With Lost Odyssey, Hironobu Sakaguchi (he of Final Fantasy fame) aims to bring back the glory days of Japanese RPGs, and in a lot of ways, he even manages to succeed. The game feels like a Final Fanta...

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Lost Odyssey is a very good jrpg. 0

Lost Odyssey at first glance appears to be nothing special.  It looks like a 90s style console rpg living in the past.  Generic.  Boring.  Frustrating.      However, when you actually play it, you realize that it's something special. It's not that the game neccessarily dives into worlds we haven't seen before, at least in terms of gameplay, but at its core, it's an extremeley solid game.  Its combat is fun.  Random battles don't occur every 5 steps and it truly feels like a modern game but with ...

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Less than the sum of its parts. 3

I really wanted to like Lost Odyssey, I really did. But after spending nearly 60 hours with the game, the only thing I came away with, was wanting those 60 hours back. From a gameplay perspective, Lost Odyssey does nothing wrong. It has a very polished and strategic turn-based battle system, that almost feels like a tactical experience in the last quarter of the game when you get to choose from nine playable character to bring into battle. Each character can equip hundreds of items and learn ton...

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Remeber when JRPGs were this good? 0

The reviews for this game that I saw touted it as a moderately fun, but archaic JRPG. I did'nt expect anything special when I picked it up. I'm glad to say I was surprised.GameplayFirst off, this is a turn-based RPG in the style of the early Final Fantasies. Combat is purely turn-based, there are the familiar lists of spells and abilites. There are a few notable differences, namely the immortals and the ring system.You have 4 characters in your party who are 'immortal'- if they are KO'd, they wi...

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A JRPG that doesn't take many risks, but still has its charm 0

TL:DR version-------------------Too tired: Didn't write. Sorry! Skim down to the Closing section if you want.-------------------Long VersionWouldn't it have been crazy if our industrial revolution was not so much the invention of things like the conveyer belt or the cotton gin, or the move away from feudalism, but rather revolved around the discovery and application of magic? That's the case in Mistwalker's Lost Odyssey, and the results of that revolution look pretty impressive.Skytrains, massiv...

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The journey of eternity begins with one step 0

Lost Odyssey is a special breed of JRPGs. While it doesn't do anything completely new with the gameplay, the story does a complete 180 compared to most out there. It tells the story of Kaim Argonar, an Immortal who has lived for 1000 years(so far). While most people think that living forever would be great, Lost Odyssey shows the brutality and hope that life gives to everyone through the eyes of Kaim as he wanders across the planet. Some of the Dream Sequences Kaim has are very powerful, and wil...

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From the makers of Final Fantasy comes Lost Odyssey 0

was excited, worried and also happy that this game was one of the first RPG's to come out this year, this game is infact a story telling game where you just get to fight and hear some pretty good voice acting but there are a couple of things that hold this game back from its true potential.First thing comes first im sorry to say to all who just decided to give this game a 9.5 and a can't give a game with a bad frame rate a 10 or a 9.5 thats just not going to happen...yes infact you must...

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A flawed gem in the JRPG genre 0

Ever heard of Hironobu Sakuguchu?  If you haven't then you have been living under a rock.  He is the creator of the most popular JRPG series and one of the most popular video game franchises, Final Fantasy.  In 2003, Sakaguchi left Square-Enix to form the Microsoft funded Mistwalker.  He then created Blue Dragon which unfortunately suffered from a cookie cutter story and cardboard cutout characters.  However, he also made Lost Osyssey, which gamers generally consider to be much better than Blue ...

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An Unforgettable Odyssey 0

Any RPG fan will, from the out set of this game tell you one thing. Lost Odyssey plays a lot like Final Fantasy 10. In fact the combat system feels almost identical right down to the menus and 'Turn waiting' boxes. Although not a bad thing as the game has concentrated on other areas to build itself a name, using an already established and popular combat system enables focus on other areas. First Steps The world in which the game is set consists of Immortals and Mortals, Kaim the main character...

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instant classic 0

With so much hype going into Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey at the same time, it was hard to not get excited if you are an RPG fan. With the lack-luster performance of Blue Dragon, my expectations were drastically lowered for Lost Odyssey. This may have actually been a good thing. Lost Odyssey was everything I was hoping it could be. Overall, the graphics are amazing. There are some frame-rate issues, but not too bad. One thing missing from many JRPGs is visual change of the characters based on ch...

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Lost Odyssey "Almost, but not quite" 0

Time Spent: 40 to 50 Hours "Almost, but not quite" Well after finally getting my hands on this game I was blown away, it's probably the most enjoyable RPG I've played since Final Fantasy 8. The graphics are amazing, the music is pretty good, the story is awesome and the game play mechanics have that great old school feel to it. The main problem with the game is the same thing that makes it look good is what also hold it back. While the graphics are impressive you will be seeing several load...

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Final Fantasy Rival? 0

WARNING: Spoilers, Bad Language!Having finished Blue Dragon only quite a while before picking up Lost Odyssey at launch, I have to say that it feels that some content from Blue Dragon was inserted to Lost Odyssey (such as: some locations and creatures).  The baseline of the story is quite interesting to me but I have to say, some plot-based content is ridiculous.  I'm talking about "Grand Staff", which is literally a big ass flying staff structure.  WTF?!   Some CGI's are great and well produce...

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The best JRPG currently on 360 0

The game begins with Kaim fighting on a battle field, chopping down soldiers no problem, but then out of no where comes this meteor falling from the sky. Kaim manages to survive without a scratch. Not knowing how he is still alive and not having any memory of his past he begins his journey. Like many RPG's you will meet up with new characters as your progress through the games story. With the game being about 60+ hours to beat, it many take several hours before you meet some key characters from...

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Lost Odyssey still stuck in the mist 0

Mistwalker Despite its impressive graphics, Hironobu Sakaguchi’s Lost Odyssey still doesn’t tick enough boxes to make the 360 exclusive a must-play game. It’s still a solid RPG, but odd camera control and stale combat systems hold the game back from its potential, despite small attempts to freshen up the latter. Sakaguchi, of course, shot to prominence on the back of the early Final Fantasy games, and with new studio Mistwalker, he’s still churning out quality, albeit by-the-book, JRPG fare. Sa...

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Review:Lost Odyssey 0

Lost Odyssey is a JRPG from famed team that has brought you some of the greatest of the final fantasy series over the years. Now broke away from squarenix to make their own gaming developing company Mistwalker Studios. With that being said, the game has standards set very high! But how does it fair against the JRPG juggernaut they used to create games for?StoryThe story of Lost odyssey is one of truly epic proportions! From the beautiful opening CGI cut scenes that throw you into a war between t...

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Familiar but long-lasting and enjoyable. 0

Lost Odyssey is everything you would probably expect from the man behind the now infamous Final Fantasy series. Whether or not this is necessarily a good thing or not relies solely on your opinion of said series, and whether or not you can make-do with what is largely a repackaged FF game with a different title. That is not to say that Lost Odyssey lacks anything remotely new or interesting, but rather that the time tested gameplay associated with the FF series makes a dominant role here, and no...

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