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The game starts with a man ending up in a South American pyramid. From that starting point the player must travel through a series of mazes and hallways until they reach a grand surprise at the end. In the game the player must choose what room they want to enter. There is a chance however the player may end up in throne rooms, and this is not good. When the player enters the room they must pick up treasures, find the key to get out of the room as quickly as possible, while at the same time they must kill the monsters in the room , and avoid triggering a earthquake. As the player goes through these rooms they must use their whip and gun to fend off the enemies. However the whip comes at a cost, granted the whip does knock down walls and kill enemies in the room, but the player has a limited number of them per a room. Once the player gets out of the rooms he or she must go through hallways and run quickly down the stairs because the hallways are filled with vampire bats.


Lost Tomb was designed and programmed by Dan Lee. Stern Electronics pushed the game out into arcades in January 1982. The game presents to the player in a graphic that says 'And now a word from our sponsor'. This graphic then pretends to offer the player 99 whips for 1 credit. Sadly this can not actually be done. The side-art of the cabinet is notorious for being known as being bland. The art is simply a plastered logo of Stern Electronics on the side. Otherwise the art on the front of the cabinet is a bunch of leaves with the title. The bottom of the front has a pyramid sketched there also.The game nowadays is not as well known as other 1980's arcade games, like Pac-Man and Dig Dug, but it still holds a small group that follows it. Currently, the player who holds the highest score in Lost Tomb is Bill McCallister with a score of 45,577,020 points.


Main CpuZ80 3.072 MHz
Sound CpuZ80 1.78 MHz
Sound Chips2 AY8910 1.78 MHz
Screen OrientationVertical
Screen Resolution224 x 256
Screen Refresh Rate60.6 Hz
Palette Colors99
# of players1
Joysticks2 eight-way joysticks
Buttons1 to whip

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