Playing this game after watching the series is interesting.

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It shows that the writers of the show knew what they wanted to do with the whole thing from the get go. Before any of the Flash-Sideways in season 6 began, this game had the first flash sideways moment and it's very interesting to note how the game and Season 6 ends and begins. Also, little things are hinted at throughout the game, like Locke's connection with the Man in Black. If you're a huge fan of Lost like I am you should check this game out. The gameplay isn't stellar and it is pretty short but it is still interesting. Don't spend too much money on it though, I found my copy for 10 bucks at Gamestop and I think that's a good deal for this game if you're a Lost fan. So yeah, Lost fans - if you see this for cheap go check it out!

Also: Can you say "Easy Achievements"?

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hmm.. interesting. Might have to give this a shot. I'd get the PS3 version which unfortunately has no trophies iirc, but still.

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I picked it up too.  But I have not finished it yet because i  bought mine from the games on demand and half way though it froze up and i need to re download it.  I might just do that tonight.  I thought it was fun for what I played, but like you said the game play isn't great but being a fan of the tv series I could look past it just to get some more lost.

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