Lost: Via Domus

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    Based on the hit TV series Lost, Via Domus puts you in the shoes of an amnesiac survivor of Flight 815, who is struggling to remember his past while exploring the mysterious island he is on.

    automaticsnake's Lost: Via Domus (Xbox 360) review

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    Only for LOST fans

    If you are not a LOST fan then please stay away from this game. And even for the people who are true LOST fans, i don't recommend you waste $60 on this game. Also, if you are buying this game to get some answers from the show, well you ain't getting them here.

    In the game you play as a new character not in the show. You are a photojournalist who loses his memory after crashing into the island. Not knowing who you are your main objectives are to find out who you are and find a way out of the island.

    As you journey across the island you will meet up with key LOST characters from the show. It's just too bad that most of them don't have real voice actors. Sawyer and Charlie by far have the worst voice actors in the game, just listen to charlie sing "you all everybody" and you will know what i mean...

    There is not much gameplay to this game. It's mostly just talking and fixing fuse circuits. Yes, fuse circuits. There's a lot of them in the game... by the time you finish the game you will be a electrician! It does get repetitive after a while. There is also some shooting here and there, but very little of it. I think the most action i got from this game was hiding from the smoke monster!

    I have to say the best part about this game are the graphics. Character animations aren't the best, but everything from the jungles to the black rock look sweet!

    It won't take much time to beat this game. I say like 6 hours, unless you get stuck with one of the fuse puzzles. This game is more of a rent then anything. I bought it for 20 bucks and i say it was worth it, because i'm a big LOST fan, so i enjoyed it a little. But no way i will pay 60 for it!

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      I Love LOST. Unless you love LOST as well then pass on this game.Via Domus is a third person puzzle quest game that leaves you exactly where the show does. LOST, bewildered and plane wrecked on a Mysterious Island with no answers. You play as Elliot Maslow, a new character not from the show, who was on flight 815 when it crashed. The object of the game is to find your wits, find your belongings and find find your way home. Of course the Island has a different plan for you.Some of the characters ...

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