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    Use your stylus to cast spells and capture monsters in your quest to free the land of the Diva of Twilight and earn the title of Sage

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    LostMagic is a combination of RPG and real-time strategy gameplay. With a simple control system, players use the stylus to draw runes on the touch screen and cast over 300 spells by combining the 18 runes in various ways. Runes are based on different elements such as fire, water, wind, earth, light, and darkness. Combining them in different orders also produces different results. Up to 3 runes can be combined. With one dark magic spell players can capture the various monster across the land and add them to their party á la Pokémon. Unlike Pokémon, however, the monsters are controlled in real-time. Monsters include hounds, ghosts and powerful dragons. The spells are also cast in real-time adding to the peril. Items can be collected that augment different attributes of each monster. Finally, players can pit their monsters and spellcasting prowess against each other in local and online multiplayer.


    Players control a young boy named Isaac. His father was the Sage of Light but he has now inherited his wand. The Diva of Twilight is picking off Sages and stealing their wands one by one in attempt to rule the world. Isaac must travel across the land, searching far and wide for monsters and other Sages in order to understand the power that's inside himself as well as save the world. There are multiple endings based on the choices the player makes. Depending on how good or bad you are, major characters might die.


    Isaac Lightbrad

    - Son of the Sage of Light. Isaac is the main character of the game. He wields the wand of light and possibly the wand of hope. He has a pet parrot named Parakeru. His old master was Hanna Arlent.

    Russell Lightbrad

    (Bishop of the White Night) - Sage of Light and Isaac's father

    Trista Windell

    (Wind Caller Priestess) - Sage of the Wind and Isaac's first ally. Eventually it is revealed that she is the sister of the Diva of Twilight.

    Seneka Windell

    (Diva of Twilight) - Sage of Balance, main villain and the source of monsters.


    (Master of the Curtain Mist)- Sage of Water

    Geh Olg

    (General of the Gravel Stone) - Sage of Earth


    (Lord of the Summer Haze) - Sage of Fire

    Leonard Davia

    (Jester of the Prime Moon) - Sage of Darkness

    Hanna Arlent

    Isaac's old master and Adopted grandma


    - Isaac's loyal pet

    The anime art was provided by Studio Ghibli, creators of popular and critically acclaimed animated movies like Spirited Away and Kiki's Delivery Service.

    A spiritual sequel was released exclusively in Japan on Wii called Takt of Magic.


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