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    Another employee of Hocotate Freight, and Captain Olimar's right hand man. Silent and strange, he fights by Captain Olimar's side, with the help of the Pikmin, to repay their company's dept.

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    Louie is another employee of Hocotate Freight, alongside Captain Olimar.  While Olimar was away in the first Pikmin, Louie was put in charge of an important mission to deliver space carrots to one of their customers.  He comes back with bad news, saying he was attacked by a ravenous space bunny and the entire shipment of carrots had been lost.  This causes Hocotate Freight to go into spiraling debt.  Once Olimar comes back to Hocotate, his President sees he brought back a souvenir for his son.  The souvenir turns out to be worth a lot of money.  This sparks the President's thought to send Olimar and Louie back to the Pikmin planet to recover treasures to pay off the debt they owe.

    We later learn that Louie completely lied about the space bunny, and that he got hungry along the way and ate all the carrots.  So, in essence, the whole game of Pikmin 2 was Louie's fault.

    Louie has a fascination with bugs.  He grew up eating them and knows recipes for just about any species of insect.  In the logs for each enemy in Pikmin 2, Louie's notes explain how to correctly prepare them for consumption.


    The name Louie was derived from Luigi, Nintendo's most famous side-kick.  Much like Olimar's name was derived from Nintendo's mascot, and Luigi's older brother, Mario.

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