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Louis DeNonno, or Louie to his friends, used to make his living as a two-bit pickpocket out in New York City.  He used to get busted all the time by Kyle Hyde, who would give him grief about his life of crime.  Louie left town and wound up near Los Angeles.  He found work as a bellhop at the Hotel Dusk.  He was expected to help Rosa with the cleaning and act as host for the restaurant, but spent most of his time loafing around.  The one job Louie took seriously was being the bartender.  When Kyle Hyde, now a travelling salesman, stayed at the hotel one night, it brought back the old memories Louie wanted to forget.  It also sparked new hope in Kyle that he might yet find Bradley.  As Kyle investigated the secrets in the hotel, Louie decided he would help Kyle in his search, and became like a sidekick for him on that night.  He also became infatuated with Mila when she arrived at the hotel on that same day.

History and Connection to Bradley (Spoilers Ahead)

Louie made a living as a pickpocket out in New York City, but dreamed of a better life.  He and his best friend Danny both planned to get out of the city and start a new life.  Danny had a friend named J who did a lot of dealing with the criminal organization Nile.  Nile specialized in art theft and fraud.  J had a scheme to rip off Nile and make off with a lot of cash.  Danny bought into the scheme, feeling he and Louie would have it made.  On the night of the scheme, though, J betrayed and murdered Danny.  He made off with the money and the painting, Angel Opening a Door.  Louie arrived in time to witness the murder, unable to save Danny.  He fled the city and went to California.  Nile believed Louie was the one who ripped them off, and tracked him to California.  They kept an eye on him, believing that he was just a patsy and hoped he would lead them to the mastermind.

Three years after the murder, Louie was working at the Hotel DuskKyle Hyde, the officer who always busted him in New York, showed up as a guest and recognized Louie.  They had a few conversations about the past, and Louie learned that Kyle had left the force and was now a traveling salesman.  Kyle had left the force because of the betrayal of his former partner, Brian Bradley.  Bradley had been working undercover inside Nile, but things went bad and Bradley disappeared three years prior.  After talking to Hyde, Louie realized that Bradley and J were one and the same.  Bradley was the one who murdered Danny, double-crossed Nile and the police, and set Louie up to take the fall.  Together, Louie and Kyle were able to piece the past together, and Louie decided he would help Kyle in his search for Bradley.

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