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    Love Match Tennis

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released February 1983

    The first video game ever developed by Yuji Horii and the title that motivated him to become a full-time game designer.

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    Love Match Tennis is a basic tennis simulation game released in 1983 for the NEC PC-6001 computer that was created solely by Yuji Horii, the future creator of the Dragon Quest franchise. Yuji Horii, who was a column writer at Shonen Jump at the time, created the game as an entry into Enix's first hobbyist programming contest. Enix had no full-time programmers or designers at the time so the contest was held to scout talent and create titles for the fledgling company, which had only been founded the year prior in 1982. Love Match Tennis was one of thirteen titles that won the contest, including a popular puzzle game created by Koichi Nakamura called Door Door, and they were all published in February of 1983. The game ultimately lead to Yuji Horii entering the game industry full-time and eventually creating several genre defining games including The Portopia Serial Murder Case and the aforementioned Dragon Quest series.


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