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    Love Plus

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Sep 03, 2009

    A Nintendo DS dating simulation game which has enjoyed great success in Japan.

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    • The game is a conversation-based dating simulator in which you progress through various dialog options and doing activities with the character of your choice.
    • The activities which determine whether the character falls in love with the player are divided into three schedules: At School, After School, and Evening. Based on what time of day it is, the activity options differ.
    • The groundbreaking feature of the game was supposed to be the extremely advanced character AI, which would make them act, dress, and even talk different, adjusting to the player's personality. The characters' personalities do in fact change accordingly, throughout the course of the game.
    • Each character in the game has a unique personality, so the adjustment has to be mutual.
    • Breaking off from the standard dating sim formula (succeeding in seducing a character ends the game), Love Plus does not have an ending, the relationship between the player and the character can go on forever, although at a certain point no new events will occur.


    The game is played using the touch screen and the microphone. Player-character interactions include conversation, e-mailing, touching and kissing, all of these taking place in specific locations. The game is divided into 2 parts: before and after establishing the relationship. These 2 parts are further divided into specific types of relationships. The player can choose how he addresses himself: it can be 俺 (ore, male-specific form of I, rather boastful) or 僕 (boku, non gender-specific, more humble form of I). This might seem unimportant to the average player, however it is a cultural nuance, very important in Japanese society. The game functions in real time. If a player neglects the game for several days, they should expect drastic changes in their girlfriend's attitude, personality and overall "satisfaction" level. Just like in real life. The establishment of a relationship should be considered as a prologue - the actual dating part is the core of the game.


    • Rinko Kobayakawa (voiced by Sakura Tange)
    • Manaka Takane (voiced by Saori Hayami)
    • Nene Anegasaki (voiced by Yuuko Minaguchi)

    iOS Release

    The iPhone/iPod/IPad release consists of three separate apps, one for each of the girls, and is available exclusively in the Japanese iTunes Store. Some new features have been introduced, all taking advantage of the devices' camera and GPS. The player can now take "couple pictures" with his virtual girlfriend and geo-tag them.


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