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Not a great deal is known about the gameplay of love at this time but what details there are have been broken down below.

  • It is multi-player
  • Gameplay is geared towards co-operation between players
  • Areas of the game are procedurally generated.
  • It has been described as an adventure game by its creator
  • It features combat
  • It features the ability to build anywhere in the world enabling players to craft entire cites
  • Exploration is a vital part of the experience
  • You can discover "powerwells" that can be directed into power reflectors that will beam power down into your cites.
  • The game features teleporters that can be discovered through exploration.
  • You will discover cites and dungeons that will contain items that can be used in the construction of your city and these areas will feature combat.
  • Main use of citys is to store items you have found while exploring
  • Cities have been described as communal inventories for players
  • You can use a radio to communicate with other players in chat.
  • The radio can also be used to trigger commands that control the machines in the game, such as bombs.
  • The chat channels can be used in conjunction with the radio to trigger items such as bombs.
  • Intercepting radio messages can help you uncover the enemies defense triggers.


The art style of Love.
The art style of Love.

The graphics in Love are what makes the title initially stand out. They are heavily stylised and resemble a painted work of art. The heavily stylized graphics were born out of the need to make the game stand out, run on as low a spec machine as possible and to save time in development. The overall goal of Love's visual style is to make it look as unlike a game as possible.

Entry into the IGF?

As the project is independently developed talk has naturally developed about its possibly entry into the IGF. However the games creator Eskil Steenberg has stated that he does not envisage the game entering the competition. This is due to two reasons. The first is that entering the IGF costs both time and money. Secondly is that Eskil feels that the game is too large in scope to be entered and feels that the IGF should be used to focus on smaller budget tighter scoped games than LOVE.


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