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    Low Blow

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    Where one character strikes another character in the groin, either unarmed or with a weapon.

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    A debilitating fighting technique that can cause sudden and intense pain, a groin strike's efficacy results from the high number of sensitive nerve endings in the male gonads and the female vulva. 
    Most martial traditions consider the groin strike to be dishonorable, and is widely considered illegal in sporting competition.  Older martial arts may still have forms that involve groin attacks, but do not allow them in competitive tournaments.
    In games, a groin strike may come into play as a regular attack routine or as a special animation played out in cutscenes.  While punches and kicks are generally the more prevalent (and relatively humane) attack, other weapons such as firearms, katanas, and teeth have been used in games.  Often the victim has a special animation to relate the awkward and brutal nature of the attack.


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