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    Low G Man: The Low Gravity Man

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released September 1990

    A side-scrolling action game in which the player controls Kal, who must rescue hostages from robots. The name of the game comes from Kal's ability to jump extra high.

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    Low G Man is a platforming game set in the future. The main character, Kal, can jump unusually high relative to most platformers at the time of release. Low G Man was known for having very poor controls and animations. There was also a power up system which often punished the player for picking up power ups instead of rewarding them. Kal finds himself the only person strong enough to save the hostages from a robot uprising.


    • Freeze Gun - Freezes any enemy except for bosses for a limited amount of time. Only requires one shot.
    • Fireball - High damaging fire attack.
    • Bomb -Drops a bomb and hits any enemy in a five food radius.
    • Wave - Much like the fireball except has a larger shot so Kal can hit enemies with greater ease.
    • Boomerang - Shoots through an enemy and then comes back, hitting them twice.
    • Spear - Multi-directional melee weapon. Kills almost all non boss enemies in single hits.

    Item Pickups

    • Extra Points - Picking up one of these items will give the player an extra 500 to 5,000 points
    • Invincibility - Kal will not take damage for a short period of time.
    • Double Shot - This item gives Kal two shots for their freeze gun at a time. Does not work with any other weapon.
    • Healing Potion - Restores a small portion of Kal's health. Blue colored.
    • Poison Potion - Takes away a small amount of Kal's health. Red colored.
    • Low Gravity - Lets Kal jump even higher for a period of time
    • 1-Up - One Extra Life.

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