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    Lt. Abigail Black

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    As a telekinetic, Black can steer bullets mid-flight with pinpoint accuracy, enabling her to strike multiple targets with a single projectile. She can use telekinesis to move large objects and stun enemies.

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    Raised in Fairbank, Alaska, "Abbey" was an only child. Her mother passed away shortly after due to caesarean birth complications. Her father, an avid hunter and a deeply superstitious man, succumbed to the pressures of poverty, single parenthood, and alcoholism; he abused her physically. Following their worst fights, he noticed that windows would randomly break and objects would start to fly and was convinced that his daughter was possessed. His attempt to exorcise her with a hot iron left her permanently scarred and left him with a paralytic stroke. Abbey left and joined the U.S. Army at the earliest age possible.


    Abbey is described as a tomboy and a control freak. Whenever she feels that she is losing control of the situation, especially her telekinesis, she will get extremely agitated. She has repressed romantic feelings for Cpt. Xavier Jones. As someone who likes to work alone, she as trouble fitting into team related situations.

    Combat Abilities

    Highly skilled with a rifle, Black became the top rated sniper in the U.S. Army. She later managed to become an instructor at Fort Benning's sniper school. The Department of Occult Warfare took notice of her perfect marksmanship record. After some testing, they confirmed that her skills as a sniper were thanks in part to her telekinesis.

    • Primary Weapon

    7.62mm Custom FLASH THOUGHT Semiautomatic Sniper System

    • Secondary Weapon

    Custom 40mm underbarrel grenade launcher

    Special Abilities

    Lt. Black has telekinetic abilities, able to move objects ranging from a stationary tank to a moving bullet. She can steer bullets in mid-flight, and is capable of striking multiple targets with the use of only one projectile. Her abilities come with a price. Continued use of her telekenesis will drain her health and physical side effects will manifest in the forms of bleeding from her nose, ears and mouth.


    Abigail is voiced by Cindy Robinson.

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