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    Lt. Vasquez

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    Lt. Vasquez is the leader of the U.S. Marine squad ordered to capture Al-Asad during the Middle Eastern missions in Call of Duty 4.

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    Lt. Vasquez is the featured commanding officer when playing as U.S. Marine Sergeant Paul Jackson and trying to capture Khaled Al-Asad. Although he is meant to fill the same role in the Force Recon campaign as Cpt. Price does in the S.A.S. missions, his rough voice and authoritative demeanor give a more distant and commanding feel, rather than the sense of close-knit brotherhood found in the S.A.S. This is partially attributed to the fact that he usually shouts orders to the player and other squad members, although this in turn is most probably an effect of the surrounding battlefield: whereas the S.A.S. missions are usually covert-ops, the undertakings of the Marines are more open and dangerous conflicts. 

    His role does not extend much further than that of your typical non-player character, despite his Lieutenant rank.  He is present throughout the game's Middle Eastern campaign, though he makes no further appearances. As with the rest of the notable Marine characters from the game, with the exception of Staff Sgt. Griggs, and including Sgt. Jackson, he is killed by the effects of the nuclear explosion when his helicopter is hit by the explosion's shockwave and crashes. Sadly, this event could have been avoided, had he not ordered the rescue of a downed attack helicopter pilot. However, though the threat of an imminent detonation was very much realized, he was making what he knew was the correct decision.


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