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    Luana Raglan

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    One of the three Women chosen by Dyshana, she grew up in a village until a Gridamas invasion. He feelings sense have been worse than hate toward Gridamas, but she hides it all with a cheerful smile. Under the guise of an entertainer, she is a spy for Rigulus.

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    Where you meet Luana:

    You meet Luana in Kushina Valley at level 6
    Luana was left as an orphan thanks to Gridamas and the invasion. She grew up in Rigulus pretending to be a traveling entertainer, which is only her guise. She does this to spy and gain information on Gridamas to one date take her revenge upon the people who made her an orphan to begin with.
    As she meet's many other people on her journey as a 'traveling entertainer' she begins, to question her motives, and wonder's if revenge is really the answer. During this time she meet's Leonhardt, though at first it seems to be just to keep herself entertained with the 'white knight' who came to her 'rescue' when it was quite obvious she could handle herself.
    She is gifted in the art of dance and people from Lucrellia treat her like their little idol, and she gather's a crowd when she makes her appearance. Luana seems full of herself and a little selfish, but she takes care of others no matter who they are.
    Like the other girls, there is no right or wrong answer, you can date Luana or not, it's up to the player, but she is available and you can marry her to continue on to generation two.

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