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Luc verdier is a french producer who started his career in video game industry in the 90ies at Cryo Interactive Entertainment a major french game publisher. 
Mostly credited for Adventure games, Luc Verdier produced over 40 video games of any genre (Platform, Strategy, Adventure Action, Sport...) for every platforms including PS2, PC, GameCube, Xbox360, DS, Mobile and IPhone.  
Luc Verdier worked at Dreamcatcher Canada until 2004.
In 2005 he joined Vivendi Games mobile as a senior producer on Mobile games (Brew, Java, Doja, Android, IPhone, Web based, DS...).
 Awarded in 2007 by Spike TV for The Incredible Machine, mobile game as the Best casual game 2007. Then Awarded for the best saler game ever on Iphone, Crash Nitro Kart II (Vivendi Universal Game).  
In 2007 Luc Verdier worked as a Manager for Accenture.
In 2009 Luc Verdier joined AMA Studios (Belgium) as Executive producer of their AAA game for Natal (Xbox 360).

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