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    Skilled magician with a bleak outlook on the world. Wielder of the True Wind Rune, apprentice to Leknaat and brother to Sasarai.

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    Luc is the holder of the True Wind Rune, and is an apprentice under Leknaat. He participated in both the Gate Rune Wars and Dunan Unification War upon Leknaat's command, and grudgingly fights in these wars. However, when he confronted Sasarai, a Harmonian Bishop, he showed rare enthusiasm to fight, and caused the Harmonian forces to flee.

    He remains a relative mystery to all who have known him except Leknaat. However, his identity is revealed during the Second Fire Bringer War as a clone of High Priest Hikusaak and a clone-brother of Bishop Sasarai. He was created purely to become a vessel for the True Wind Rune, and was kept in seclusion compared to Sasarai, who was being raised as a Bishop. Leknaat took pity on him, and took him under her wings and educated him in the ways of sorcery.

    However, the passing years and unanswered questions cultivated doubt within Luc's mind over the curse of his True Rune. Desperately searching for an answer, he is struck with a vision through his True Wind Rune about the inescapable fate of the world--a world of total order and gray stagnation.

    With this knowledge, he decides that he must tip the scales of balance to avoid this future. He decides that he must destroy a True Rune in order to accomplish this. It did not take much thought for him to choose his own rune. However, he did not have any means to destroy true runes, and thus went to the One Temple to find ways to accomplish his goal. There he meets Albert Silverberg, who helps Luc find the answer. Albert summons Yuber using a method he learned from Leon Silverberg, and Luc calls to Sarah for her assistance. The four start making plans to destroy Luc's true rune, which possibly would have resulted in the destruction of the entire continent.

    Their plan involved causing a war in the Grasslands between Zexen, Harmonia, and Grassland Tribes to force true rune bearers to emerge. Once they emerged, Luc planned to take the runes away from their bearer using a method he learned in Harmonia. His plan also required him to become a Bishop in Harmonia. Through Hikusaak, he managed to become a Bishop while hiding his identity with a mask that used to belong to Leknaat. With this newfound authority, he led Harmonian troops into the Grasslands.

    His attempt to gain other True Runes was met with initial resistance, but in the end he succeeded. He placed the other elemental true runes in the four corners of the Ceremonial Site to start the ritual of his own destruction. However, his plan is halted by the efforts of the Fire Bringer lead by the Flame Champion. He uses the combined powers of the five True Runes, but is defeated. His body ravaged by the future of the true runes, he dies in Sarah�s laps--his soul being accepted by his master Leknaat as "all too human." This entry is a footnote from suikox dot com.


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