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Lucas is the Warrior class of the game. With either a sword and shield or a two-handed weapon he can be a severe damage dealer or a tank.

He is an honest and righteous man, with honorable principles and a strong will. Choosing the most straight forward dialogue options will increase your influence on him.

His father, Hugh Montbarron, was the Grand Master of the 10th Legion. He was eventually killed like the rest of his followers by Jeyne Kassynder in a final battle in the Mournweald.
After years of hiding in safehouses, Lucas Montbarron, heir to the 10th Legion and last of his line of nobility, gets a message from Venerable Odo, an old legionnaire and friend to
the Montbarron family. He is rallying those loyal to the Legion to the Rukenvahl Chapterhouse. Lucas sets off, arriving at the Chapterhouse to see it aflame, with dead bodies
framing the path.

Another playable character, the Lescanzi witch Katarina, is the illegitimate daughter of Hugh Montbarron, which makes her Lucas' half-sister.


Shield Pummel

Lucas bashes the enemy with his shield, dealing 20% of normal damage and stunning his opponent for 3 seconds. When empowered, it affects all enemies in an arc in front of Lucas. It is Lucas' first single-foe combat ability.


  • Brutal Pummel - adds 20% damage per rank.
  • Impetuous Pummel - adds 20% chance per rank to knock enemies down.

Blade Dash

Lucas dashes forward, slashing through the enemies in his path. An empowered Blade Dash causes Lucas to repeatedly dash from one enemy to the other until he runs out of power. It is his first multiple-foe combat ability.


  • Hemorrhage - adds 20% damage per rank to bleeding targets.
  • Lightning Precision - adds 10% chance per rank to make a critical hit

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Devastating Criticals: – Critical Hits deal an additional 10% bonus damage per rank.

Force of Will: – Lucas gains 10% of his Will as Attack DPS. Each rank grants an additional 10%.

Victory Rush :– When Lucas defeats an opponents, there is a 4% chance, per rank in Victory Rush, that he will regain 10% of his health.

Wrathful Might: – Lucas receives a 4% bonus to Attack per rank in Wrathful Might.

Focused Strikes: – Lucas gains a 4% chance, per rank in Focused Strikes, to generate additional focus when attacking enemies.

Rejuvenation: – Whenever Lucas is healed, the amount of healing is increased by 4% per rank in Rejuvenation.

Trade Master: – Lucas is able to sell items for 4% more coins per rank in Trade Master.

Cull the Weak: – Lucas gains an additional 2% chance per rank to critically hit enemies with less than one third of their health remaining.

Death Defying: – Lucas gains a 7% chance, per rank in Death Defying, to shrug off attacks when he is under 25% health. Shrugged off attacks deal no damage.

Focused Rage: – Lucas gains a 5% chance, per rank in Focused Rage, to generate Focus when damaged by enemies.

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