X-Wing, TIE Fighter, and Others Coming to GOG

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Posted by patrickklepek (6833 posts) -

LucasArts was painfully slow at doing anything with its back catalog, and it was feared re-release were permanently banished when Disney purchased LucasArts, Star Wars, and everything else. But that's not the case, as GOG has announced a partnership that brings lots of old LucasArts games to its service.

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Yes, that includes X-Wing and TIE Fighter.

Here's the whole list:

There will be more than 20 games from LucasArts coming to GOG in the seemingly near future, which means we're only scratching the surface here. Could we eventually see Day of the Tentacle and Full Throttle? Who knows, but the future is finally looking bright for those games.

It seems likely all these games will eventually hit Steam, too, but there's no news on that front right now.

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#1 Posted by DavoTron (182 posts) -

Whoa, Sam and Max? Didn't see that coming!

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#2 Edited by Kevin_Cogneto (1886 posts) -

Not sure why your story is in future tense Patrick, all six of those games are for sale right now. I have TIE Fighter running in the background as I post this.

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#3 Posted by yellownumber5 (797 posts) -

We need a quicklook or UPF.

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#4 Posted by StoneGut (51 posts) -


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#5 Edited by Icicle7x3 (1273 posts) -

Sam and Max Hit the Road is the greatest LucasArts adventure game of all time.


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#6 Posted by hammondoftexas (1240 posts) -

Whoa! This is a big deal.

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#7 Edited by BeachThunder (15137 posts) -

Coming? They're already there!

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#8 Posted by lighthaze (31 posts) -

Well, time to buy Indy 4 - again. Now waiting for X-Wing: Alliance and, of course, Outlaws.

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#9 Posted by anbilow (236 posts) -

Somewhere, Brad is freaking out.

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#10 Posted by Rirse (328 posts) -

While I want to play them, I just wait on the Steam release instead.

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#11 Posted by Coldman (74 posts) -

Johnny V putting in work.

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#12 Posted by Corevi (6796 posts) -

KotOR is already on Steam

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#13 Posted by MrMazz (1223 posts) -

I bought KOTOR and it actually friggin works out of the digital box didn't have to screw with any sorta ini settings from a text file or anything. Whooooo

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#14 Posted by Brake (1294 posts) -

I bought X-Wing and Tie Fighter without even thinking about it. I think I have an old joystick around here somewhere.

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#15 Posted by ShadowSwordmaster (1119 posts) -

I need to play some of these games now.

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#16 Edited by LarryDavis (1698 posts) -

@icicle7x3 said:

Sam and Max Hit the Road is the greatest LucasArts adventure game of all time.


what goddamn monster put smoothing garbage on this

@rirse sure have fun with steam's broken-ass versions of old games

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#17 Edited by mrbubbles (1431 posts) -

I now have a reason to go buy a new joystick :D maybe even HOTAS (I think TIE Fighter supported HOTAS when it came out).

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#18 Edited by viking_funeral (2881 posts) -

Is it PC gaming's birthday? What's happening?

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#19 Posted by Anupsis (416 posts) -

This isn't a surprise to me, I see Disney doing stuff like this to help assure fans they know what they are doing (hopefully)

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#20 Edited by bslussier (22 posts) -

Finally! I love these games. I use DOSBox in order to play them still, but the quality hasn't held up as the technology progressed. Looking forward to these reissues. Granted it isn't Steam (and FoA is already on Steam) whatever I have to do to play Tie Fighter.

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#21 Edited by TheIndomitableSnowman (164 posts) -

Between this and the Grim Fandango remake, I think it's officially time to stop worrying about Disney taking over Lucasfilm. Yeah, they shuttered Lucasarts, but that studio hadn't made a quality product in like 10 years. Kinda like Lucasfilm, now that I think about it. Go naive optimism!

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#22 Posted by RockyRaccoon37 (546 posts) -

@larrydavis: I haven't had any issues in the past playing the Dig or Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis on Steam

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#23 Posted by greyfoxv1 (136 posts) -

Man I played the shit of the X-Wing demo when I was a kid. I can't wait to play the full game all these years later.

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#24 Posted by Entreri10 (581 posts) -

Very excited to play Tie Fighter again, which was probably my favorite game as a kid.

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#25 Posted by JeanLuc (3883 posts) -

Oh man, this is great. TIE Fighter will forever hold a special place in my heart as it was the first video game I ever played.

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#26 Posted by TheIndomitableSnowman (164 posts) -

THEY'RE ALREADY OUT! I only have enough loose change for one... Quick, which game is better, X-Wing or TIE Fighter?

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#27 Posted by brewster (228 posts) -

THEY'RE ALREADY OUT! I only have enough loose change for one... Quick, which game is better, X-Wing or TIE Fighter?

I asked the same and was told TIE Fighter. Just wish I had a joystick to play them with

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#28 Posted by TournamentOfHate (880 posts) -

@brad Hey can you play TIE Fighter and XWing on UPF this week? Never seen these games and might pick them up, thanks.

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#29 Posted by racebelly (32 posts) -

Finally! I have my old boxed floppy version of Tie Fighter. But, I no longer have a floppy drive. GOG continues to be my favorite...second favorite website.

For those waiting for Steam versions, why? Steam is great and all. But, I will almost always buy it on GOG if it's available for the simple DRM free version. No BS with GOG and no online nonsense.

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#30 Posted by LarryDavis (1698 posts) -

@larrydavis: I haven't had any issues in the past playing the Dig or Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis on Steam

They're playable, but (unless it was changed since I tried them) instead of ScummVM the Steam versions used some sort of custom thing that had issues, especially with audio. Pretty sure the Broken Sword games are borked on Steam too, from what I recall. And every time the bombcrew buys an old game for a livestream for some reason they get it on Steam and it always gives them problems.

Don't buy old games on Steam, is what I'm saying. In general.

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#31 Posted by Zelyre (1900 posts) -

THEY'RE ALREADY OUT! I only have enough loose change for one... Quick, which game is better, X-Wing or TIE Fighter?

If X-Wing is Super Mario 3, TIE Fighter is Super Mario World.

TIE Fighter is superior to X-Wing in every technological way. Story wise, I never beat X-Wing, but I enjoyed TIE Fighter's story/missions much more. And, you never see Star Wars from an Imperial perspective that's not "We are Sith and evil." In TIE Fighter, everything you do is for the greater Galactic peace.

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#32 Posted by Nhoj_Sllew (192 posts) -

X-Wing is so fuckin good

TIE Fighter sucks tho (cuz you hafta fly TIE fighters instead of glorious Rebel craft, otherwise its legendary)

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#33 Edited by Pete0r (279 posts) -

Looks like I'll be flying for the empire tonight. I wonder how many copies they will actually sell after all these years of people clamoring for it.

I tend to buy stuff mainly through steam but I'm happy to support gog.com for putting in the hard work and actually getting these games, also system shock 2.

You can now relive the golden age of gaming, despite the best effort utter contempt from the publishers.

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#34 Posted by Godmil (214 posts) -

Oh poops. I thought X Wing was the game everybody always raved about so I bought it the second I saw it... but it turns out TIE Fighter is supposed to be the best one :(

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#35 Posted by guyver0 (203 posts) -

I know what Brad's playing on UPF

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#36 Posted by CaptainCoke (173 posts) -
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#37 Posted by defordj (174 posts) -

X-Wing Alliance is secretly the most fun X-Wing game.

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#38 Edited by heatDrive88 (3293 posts) -


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#39 Posted by Slam_Squatthrust (37 posts) -

TIE Fighter is the best game ever and I will fight you IRL if you do not agree.

Seriously though, this is fucking great news. Always remember that Mu 1 is the Emperor's stool pigeon.

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#40 Edited by MikeLemmer (1534 posts) -

Flight Club: X-Wing this Friday?

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#41 Posted by Landmine (545 posts) -

Looks like I have dig the old flight stick out of the garage.

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#42 Posted by fisk0 (6867 posts) -

These are amazing news. I hope we'll be getting bombasticas or quick looks of them too!

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#43 Edited by Mike (17993 posts) -

I wonder how these games play with an Xbox 360 controller? I originally played these with a joystick. Oh, and don't even try playing with a mouse and keyboard, it is an exercise in frustration.

I have to say though, the article is a bit confusing because it cites a GOG announcement with no link, and says the games are coming but they're already for sale. I only bring this up because there was an equally perplexing Gamespot article written yesterday that cited GOG forum posts as evidence that the games were being released today, but the posts were all 404's and no other source was cited.

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#44 Posted by fisk0 (6867 posts) -
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#45 Posted by ripelivejam (13161 posts) -

I was gonna limp it through with a controller but fuck i may get a cheapish flightstick for this.

What have you done to me gog

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#46 Posted by Kazvon (41 posts) -

I think 3 or so weeks ago on UPF Brad was telling Dan about how he remembered TIE Fighter was one of the greatest space sims ever...but he was scared to go back and scar his memories. So Brad clearly has to QL this with Dan.

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#47 Edited by fisk0 (6867 posts) -
@mb said:

I wonder how these games play with an Xbox 360 controller? I originally played these with a joystick. Oh, and don't even try playing with a mouse and keyboard, it is an exercise in frustration.

I think it'll work similar to the Wing Commander games that are on GOG, the 360 pad will be detected as a Gravis Gamepad + one analog joystick, so the left stick will work, but the game will only recognize two buttons, which will be assigned to all buttons on the 360 pad (so A, Y and LB will equal button 1 on the Gravis, and B, X and RB are button 2). The triggers and right stick only works in a few Dosbox games.

I think there's a way to edit the dosbox.conf file to manually map each button to various keyboard keys, which could be useful for a game like this, but I haven't read up on how to do that.

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#48 Posted by DoucheFX (4 posts) -

Woa I am turbo stocked for all this!

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#49 Posted by Cybexx (1633 posts) -

I was expecting this to happen eventually, I even predicted back when they got acquired that GOG.com would be the ones to do it. The reason is that Lucasarts for the last decade was actively avoiding their legacy games. It seems like many of the numerous presidents felt that they didn't need those games and that placing any attention on their legacy would take away from their new business objectives.

Darrell Rodriguez was the only recent president of Lucasarts who understood the power of their classic games, since he was a fan himself. Under his direction we saw the games start to be released on steam, the Monkey Island special editions and the Telltale Tales from Monkey Island Series. But after he left those classics went on lockdown again and projects like the Day of the Tentacle: Special Edition were cancelled.

Disney doesn't actively detest their legacy like Lucasarts (and I guess you could argue LucasFilm to a certain extent). To Disney they don't have any active plans for those titles themselves which is why they are willing to work with Double Fine and GOG.com as long as the terms of the contract make sense to them. They make some money and earn a bunch of goodwill.

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#50 Posted by stinky (1564 posts) -

was excited, then i remembered Tie Fighter made me go out and buy a flight stick.

don't want a flight stick laying around my desk anymore.

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