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    Lucia Morgan

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    Lucia Morgan is a playable character in Final Fight 3.

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    Lucia is a detective for the Metro City SCU [Special Crime Unit].  She was accused of corruption but was cleared of the charges thanks to the help of Mike Haggar. A grateful Lucia became one of Mike Haggar's closest allies. When the Skull Cross gang tries to take over as the newest gang in Metro City Haggar, Lucia, Dean and Guy join forces to stop them.

    When order is once again restored to Metro City Lucia resumes her post as an SCU officer.

    Appearance & Abilities

    She wears a blue bikini top, short-shorts and tennis shoes with a brown vest. While the weakest of the four characters in FF3, she is the fastest (even faster than Guy) of the four.

    Vital statistics

    • Height: 172cm
    • Weight: 52kg
    • Hobby: Cooking
    • Favorite Food: Cup Ramen

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