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    Lucky 38

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    The Lucky 38 is a casino in New Vegas. Shaped like a giant Roulette wheel, the casino is the headquarters of the de facto leader of New Vegas, Mr. House.

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    Lucky 38 was established and opened some time before the Great War by Robert House, founder of RobCo Industries. After the bombs dropped Mr House sealed himself in a womb-like stasis pod inside the Lucky 38's control room. Lucky 38 was left in working condition but for about 200 years (roughly 2077-2281) Mr House refused to allow any organic life access to his casino excluding The Courier.

    The primary and only defense system of Lucky 38 is an army of Securitrons that are commanded by Mr House himself.

    The colors of choice for Lucky 38 seem to be Red, Black, Green, and Gold; the colors that one would find on a standard roulette wheel.


    • Lucky 38's main floor is a large dimly lit casino that includes all the accouterments one would assume a Vegas casino would. Being that there are no staff present, the casino is rather dull and inhospitable due to the ever watchful Securitrons.
    • The Penthouse sits at the highest point of the tower, overlooking all of The Strip and the Mojave Wasteland. It is here that a giant monitor donned with likeness of Mr House in his Pre-War condition. This monitor surrounded by many computer panels and advanced readouts that are guarded by House's Securitrons. It is also here that the control room access elevator is.
    • Slightly below the penthouse sits the cocktail lounge. It is little more than a glorified lounge for drinking and socializing. There are no gambling tables but the view of the Mojave compensates for that.
    • Finally is the Presidential Suite. The entire floor below the cocktail lounge is dedicated to this one suite. The Presidential Suite is made up of five sectioned off areas which all have specific purposes like recreational, functional, or luxurious. It would appear that this suite could comfortably accommodate a family of four and about ten other guests.

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