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    Lufia: The Legend Returns

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Sep 07, 2001

    In the third game of the Lufia series, Wain, Maxim's descendant, and his allies attempt to stop the four sinistrals from destroying the world.

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    Lufia: The Legend Returns is a 2001 console role playing game developed by Neverland. It is the third game in the Lufia franchise, and the first to be released for th e Game Boy Color. It is the sequel to Lufia & The Fortress of Doom, and Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals, taking place a couple hundred years ahead.

    Lufia: The Legend Returns contains many of the genres standards, such as random battles and leveling up. Battles are played out with up to nine of your playable characters covering a 3x3 grid. With characters on the front lines taking more damage, but dealing out an equally high amount in return. Basic set up strategy involves putting high hitting physical characters on the front lines, with more frail magic characters in the back lines receiving added defense. The majority of the game's dungeons are randomly generated upon entering them.


    The story of Lufia: The Legend Returns takes place in a fictional world divided into 4 continents. Throughout the course of the story, the party will venture to the various locales of these continents to battle the Sinistrals, enemies returning from the first two games in the franchise. The introduction covers the events of the Doom Island Wars, the central conflict in the previous two games, and the story of the hero Maxim, who defeated the four sinistrals to end the war.

    The player takes direct control of the teen aged swordsman Wain, a descendant of Maxim. When the Tower of Death causes an eruption of flames in Wain's hometown, he is introduced as Seena, a young woman posing as a fortune teller. She explains to Wain how he must venture to the towers and stop the sinistrals there from regaining their strength.

    Throughout the journey, Wain's party grows as they travel the land defeating the sinistrals. After defeating Daos, the third sinistral, Wain learns that the sinistrals will come back even stronger unless slayed by the legendary Dual Blade. The party retrieves it from the sunken Doom Island and proceeds to defeat Guard Daos, the form of the three sinistrals combined. After the battle, in a plot twist, Seena revelas that she is actually Erim, the fourth sinistral. Seena used Wain to defeat the sinistrals so she could be the only sinistral, and ruler of the world. Transforming into Zalbak after being defeated, Seena raises Doom Island from the depths of the ocean.

    It is within Doom Island that Wain defeats Zalbak. With her dying breath Seena explains that she had to lie to Wain so he would kill her, thus ending the rule of terror of the sinistrals. She claims that one day they will meet again, and dies. In the game's epilogue, Wain meets Seena again in his home town, with Seena appearing to have forgotten the monster she once was.


    Wain: The protagonist, and descendant of the legendary Maxim.

    Seena: A young woman posing as a fortune teller, is actually Erim.

    Dei: A Thief who steals from the rich.

    Aima: A skilled monk who joins Wain after her master is killed by the sinistrals.

    Melphis: A princess rescued by Wain's group.

    Randolph: Melphis' vassal.

    Mousse: A capsule monster found by the group. Acts freely in battle, uncontrollable by the player.

    Deckard: A legendary pirate, actually Melphis' brother, and a prince.

    Ruby: A beautiful gambler.

    Yurist: A poet who joins the group after the sinistrals slay his closest friend.

    Isaac: A master inventor who creates an airship for the party.

    Milka: An elf who witnessed the Doom Island Wars.

    Egg Dragon: A secret character obtainable by the player.


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