Would you live in a "haunted" house?

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Something I wasn't aware of is that in Japan there is a huge stigma regarding buying or renting property in which a previous tenant or owner passed away (from natural causes or otherwise). The law in Japan states that when such a property is re-introduced to the housing market the ad must state if a death took place there - and as a result there is often a lot of difficulty finding a new owner, causing the price to be dramatically reduced. Even in Tokyo and other big cities where housing is limited and expensive, people will still avoid living in these properties despite the reduced cost.

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As a millennial from the UK I've pretty much given up hope that I'm going to be able to buy a house any time soon, so the idea that I could get a cheaper place is super appealing to me regardless of how many people died there. I'm not particularly squeamish about that stuff however, and I was wondering if this is simply a cultural difference or if people from Western societies would be just as cautious about moving into a "haunted" house.

Would you do it, Giant Bomb?

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Shit, if it meant a two bedroom condo somewhere near a decent coffee place, I’d be okay with a whole cult chugging down the Kool-Aid there the night before.

Plus, remember the ol’ Dan Aykroyd zipper scene from Ghostbusters. I don’t know, could be aces.

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If someone had just passed away normally, I don’t see that preventing me from living in the house.

If a particularly grisly murder had taken place in the house, it would probably occasionally pop to my mind...but it likely wouldn't stop me from living there and you could just do some redecorating.

If the murder had remained a mystery and there would be a chance for the hook-handed killer to return to the house 20 years later on a stormy night...well, I’d probably still do it.

...oh, somehow I forgot about the possible ghosts of the previous tenants, the whole HAUNTING thing that this question was about. No, I wouldn’t be afraid of any poltergeists either.

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I don’t believe in ghosts or bad vibes or any other insane reason I’ve heard to avoid a place.

So absolutely.

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An otherwise nice apartment that's being rented out for a song? Man, I'll help carry the body out; of COURSE I would do it. Superstitious bullshit be damned.

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@glots: To be clear, I do not believe in ghosts. Those inverted commas around "haunted" were very intentional :P

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Possible exception to this would be if it's a very famous or unique death house because then you know there's gonna be people just fuckin' showin' up.

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Abso. Lutely.

Best case scenario, I get a story to tell guests. Worst case scenario, I get proof of an afterlife and the experience to end all experiences. Win win.

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Depends on the circumstances surrounding the house/apartment. Someone died naturally? Yeah sure. Why not? Someone was murdered or died under suspicious circumstances, or the place has a history of dead people? Fuuuuck no. Real or not, I've seen enough movies to know that I'm asking for trouble and I'd probably scare myself before anything happened.

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I would 100% live in a 'haunted' house. I don't believe in any of it, so it would either be fine (as expected), or I would end up changing my beliefs to the more interesting end of the spectrum. Either way, no one was ever killed by a haunted house or a ghost.

An old lady died in the exact place that I slept in my last house. Didn't bother me at all but it was fun winding my girlfriend up about it.

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I think that you're overlooking the fact that there are FRIENDLY ghosts, e.g. Casper.

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Yep, I'm not superstitious and I'd be very happy to take advantage of other folks hangups to get a nice cheap house.

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Yeah, the only exception I can think of would be something like the house of a famous serial killer or something, and that's because I think those tend to draw a lot of tourists ... which is also the reason those kinds of places tend to get torn down.

I've lived on or in close proximity to ancient burial grounds for most of my life without issue, so past residents is less of an issue than the notoriety of the property.

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I wouldn't think twice about moving into a place someone died in. I would think twice about moving into a place where a particularly nasty murder took place, but only because it would be on my mind a lot and not because of any fears or anything, and I'd still go ahead with it if the place was nice and the right price.

But to me the question of if I'd move into a haunted place is entirely different from if I'd move into a place people died. I've lived in a place many people would and have called haunted. And I'm not going to say one way or another exactly what was happening there, but I would never stay in a place like that again. No fucking way.

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I don’t believe in ghosts, so yeah, I would.

Also with the age of some properties, there’s almost guaranteed to have been a death. Take our house for example. It’s nearly two years years old. I’d be more surprised if someone hadn’t died in it.

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They would probably charge more for the place in my neighborhood...

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