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    Luis Lopez

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    Luis is the personal bodyguard of Tony Prince, bouncer of Maisonette 9 and Hercules, and the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony.

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    Luis Lopez is a supporting character in Grand Theft Auto IV and protagonist in The Ballad of Gay Tony expansion pack. Luis is the right hand man to the entrepeneur of two major nightclubs in Liberty City: Anthony Prince (better known as Gay Tony).


    Luis Fernando Lopez was born in 1983 to Dominican parents Mr. Lopez and Adriana Yanira Lopez. He is the middle child, having an older brother called Ernesto and a younger sister called Leta.

    According to the speech in the game, Luis was scrawnier than his two friends: Armando Torres and Henrique Bardas, though he took part in fights with them regardless. Luis was friendly with Oscar Gomez, and Teddy Benavidez, who were older than Luis, Armando and Henrique by a few years. Teddy and Oscar ushered the three into illegal drug dealing. Luis has a sister and brother, who are not encountered in the game, but are responsible for later events in Luis' life and send him email's if you check in the Internet Cafe. Luis grew up in the poorer areas of Liberty City, without a father. It is said that Luis' father was a US Marine, though he deserted the family when the children were young.

    In 1999, when Luis was 17, he was arrested for shooting a teacher. According to Luis this teacher had inappropriately acted towards his sister, and he pulled the trigger on them for this. Whether this shot was actually fatal or not is unknown, though it seems unlikely due to the fact Luis was released only two years afterwards, in 2001. After a short period of time, Luis was arrested again for grand theft auto, though it is implied that Luis took the blame for Armando and Henrique. When imprisoned for this felony, Luis bulked up and worked towards his current physique to help him fight off other inmates.

    In 2005, Luis was released back into Liberty City at the age of 22. He was offered a job by Tony Prince to man the door at the Hercules nightclub, which he willingly accepted. On top of this, Luis severed all ties with his old gang except for Henrique and Armando, who remained his friends. Despite the fact Luis earned access to more wealth through accepting Prince's offer, his friends saw him as a 'yuppie', and someone who aimed to be superior to them.

    Grand Theft Auto IV

    Luis is first introduced to the story as a hostage during the Bank of Liberty heist, as depicted in the mission Three Leaf Clover.

    Criminal Database Profile

    First NameLuis Fernando
    Place of BirthNorthwood, Liberty City
    AffiliationsKnown associate of 'Gay Tony' Prince.

    Criminal Notes

    • 2001: Grand Theft Auto
    • 2003: Assault


    • Luis is a trained pilot. Prince paid for him to take flying lessons at Higgins Helitours for 'business purposes'.
    • Despite Luis having very little respect for his father, he has pictures of Mr. Lopez around his apartment.
    • According to Armando and Henrique, Luis was a poor darts and pool player.
    • Luis crosses paths with Niko three times during the Grand Theft Auto IV story.
    • The shooting of the teacher does not appear in Luis' records in the LCPD Database.

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